Spotlight on author K.T. Raine and the Huckleberry Ridge Romance Series


Author K.T. Raine is known for writing "sweet and clean romance with a dollop of suspense." Today, LitNuts is pleased to feature the first three books of the Huckleberry Ridge Romance Series: 

Read on to learn more about each of these fun reads and the author.

Bonus: Visit K.T. Raine's website to read a free excerpt of Tell Me Another Lie, Book 4 in the Huckleberry Ridge Romance Series!

A Country Kind of Love

Book 1 in the Huckleberry Ridge Romance Series
Genre: Clean & Wholesome Romance
4.5 stars, 82 ratings
Paperback: $10.99
Ebook: FREE!

After single mom and reporter CeCe Bixby has her name leaked in connection with a dangerously controversial story, she and her young son flee 400 miles from Boise to small town Huckleberry Ridge, Idaho, for a fresh start. 

But life’s never simple, and CeCe is dismayed to find her troubles have followed her. Help may come in the form of her handsome, state-trooper landlord Shane Wickham and his surprisingly supportive family. But does she dare share the truth with him? 

Praise for A Country Kind of Love
"I LOVED this book! It’s like wearing your favorite pajamas and a cup of hot chocolate." ~Ann M Diener, BookSirens

"Such a sweet romance with realistic characters." ~Amazon Review

Big Love in a Small Town

Book 2 in the Huckleberry Ridge Romance Series
Genre: Clean & Wholesome Romance
4.4 stars, 14 ratings
Paperback: $10.99
Ebook: $1.99

Sweet and gregarious Penny Barron was just sure handsome Gus Amherst was finally “the one.” But once his protective streak evolves to controlling and then abusive, she decides enough is enough.

When her childhood friend, CeCe, gets in an accident and needs some temporary care, Penny figures this is her chance. She leaves Gus a goodbye note and flees Boise for small town Huckleberry Ridge, Idaho, to be near CeCe and make a fresh start.

When Gus decides he’s not ready to let Penny go and shows up in Huckleberry Ridge unannounced, CeCe’s neighbor, police officer and confirmed bachelor Josh Wickham, comes to her rescue. Both are surprised by the spark of attraction that steadily grows between them. But Penny is carrying a secret guaranteed to wreck any new relationship…which is exactly what happens when she finally reveals it to Josh.

Is there still a shot for love to bloom? Or has Penny’s deception ruined her second chance forever?

Better Late than Never

Book 3 in the Huckleberry Ridge Romance Series
Genre: Clean & Wholesome Romance
4.8 stars, 16 ratings
Paperback: $10.99
Ebook: $3.99

Kara Grissom has spent twenty years in hiding. Ever since suffering a severe facial burn the night after her college graduation, her only refuge has been the childhood home she shares with her mother. She’s long since given up on any possibility of finding love, so when a handsome stranger suddenly invades her safe place, she’s stunned by the sudden awakening of desires she thought had died long ago. 

Dawson Wickham loves life as a bachelor. He has everything he needs with his own home, a great family, and the perfect job. But he also loves mysteries, so when he stumbles across the reclusive Kara and she flees from him, her bizarre reaction is a puzzle he just has to solve. 

Kara knows that no man who sees her face could ever love her, so she does her best to rebuff Dawson’s interest. But he’s not the type to give up easily, especially once he begins to fall for her charm, wit, and intelligence. But will his love be enough to break through Kara’s phobia of rejection and convince her to trust him? Or is she destined to live out her days alone? 

About the Author

K.T. Raine loves penning clean and sweet romance. She is also an established middle grade author with several books for young readers under a different name. 

Her first novel, A Smidgen of Sky, was chosen as an ABC Indie-Bound New Voices Pick, and her third novel, A Million Ways Home, was awarded both the Kansas William Allen White Children’s Book Award, as well as the Missouri Mark Twain Children’s Book Award. Learn more about her middle grade novels.

When K.T. is not reading or plotting her next novel, she enjoys gardening, hiking, and soaking in her hot tub during the cold months. If you want to know more, visit, and be sure to follow her online: 

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