Kaleidoscopic Shades by David A. Neuman: "A surreal trip through nightmares"


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on Kaleidoscopic Shades by David A. Neuman, a 2023 Hoffer Award Finalist, winner of Literary Titan and IndieBRAG Awards, and selected as the #1 book of 2022 by Julie Sara Porter of Bookworm Reviews. 

"Takes you into a world where times could be manipulated, and a whole nation can disappear without a trace...a world where anything and everything is possible." ~OnlineBookClub.org

Bonus: Watch the trailer for Kaleidoscopic Shades, filmed in the old Adelaide Gaol in South Australia. 

Kaleidoscopic Shades by David A. Neuman

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Literary Fiction
Paperback: From $16.31
Ebook: From $0.99 (free via Kindle Unlimited)

Joshua Triplow is just your average kid living in what he believes is the best place on Earth: Corona, California. But a recurring nightmare begins to plague him—and all the other kids in the best place on Earth. It's a nightmare of a man in black...the same man who haunts his father's tortured childhood.

Meanwhile, Joshua's father, Bob, begins to understand that what has been left behind half a world away in another lifetime has found a way to thrive. He learns there are no colors but black in a place far over the rainbow, and that it continues to hoard the most vulnerable in a wrenching existence.

It is here that Bob will fight for his sanity and Joshua will confront countless lost souls...and a menagerie of clocks maddeningly ticking away the hour to nowhere. To the endless plains of Black Eternity.

Synopsis from Bookworm Reviews
This is one of those books that is not a book so much as it is an immersive experience. It is a surreal dreamlike journey that takes several different components and creates a thoughtful, unforgettable whole work.

Several mysterious things happen at once. Solar flares erupt in Australia. An Englishwoman spontaneously combusts. A town in Brazil mysteriously vanishes. A man in California appears and disappears. Several children in a small California town have nightmares of a dark clothed figure observing them. All around the world, people hear the sound of bells and see balloon figures.

These various scenes of weirdness ultimately come together when father and son, Bob and Josh Triplow, have to confront the entities that are responsible for this strangeness.

It's a bizarre surreal science fiction novel that is more felt than read. Many of the events are so bizarre that even the Reader doesn't know what is fantasy and what is reality. It puts Readers off kilter just like the characters as they go farther and deeper into this nightmare of a journey.

Praise for Kaleidoscopic Shades

  • 2023 Hoffer Award Finalist
  • Literary Titan Book Award
  • B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree
  • "A doorstopper of a novel that fans of sci-fi and paranormal thrillers can really sink their teeth into." ~BookTrib Review
  • "Part Stephen King, part David Mitchell, part David Lynch." ~Jason Pettus, editor
  • "An exciting work of paranormal fiction." ~OnlineBookClub.org
  • "Will definitely be appealing to someone who enjoys a good genre-bender." ~Monique Snyman, Bram Stoker Award nominee

About the Author

Born in Adelaide, South Australia, David A. Neuman was gifted a vivid imagination. In the late seventies, he walked out of Norwood High School an underachiever to embark on a scholastic journey before graduating from Flinders University in Behavioral Science.

Some thirty years ago, disenchanted in the rigidity of life's endless stop signs, he penned Kaleidoscopic Shades and, if not for a chance meeting with a man of poetry, this book would have remained a secreted passion. 

Neuman continues to live in Adelaide with his four-legged companions: Saffron, Cinnamon and Ginger—his very own Spice Girls. It is here he feels at home, especially when exploring its ghostly past, understanding that, regardless of one's background, we are all in this together. And always will be.
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