New release (incl. audio!): A Letter to the Shooting Stars Among Us by Dylan Thomas Doyle


Congratulations to Dylan Thomas Doyle and Vine Leaves Press on the release of A Letter to the Shooting Stars Among Us—including a spoken word audiobook version with an original soundtrack!

★★★★★ "Beautifully tender and self-assured." ~Erica Berry, author of Wolfish

Important note from the publisher: "We would highly recommend purchasing the audio version of this book as it was intended as spoken word poetry and includes an original score."

A Letter to the Shooting Stars Among Us

NEW RELEASE: January 9, 2024
Genre: Memoir/Poetry
Audiobook: From $7.99
Ebook: $4.99  

Dear You,

Welcome to your love letter. A letter signed to the secrets and celebrations that brought you here. The found family, and the lost innocence, and the wanderlust, and the returning home again in ways you never thought possible. Not to mention the whiskey and the sobriety and the streetlights and the sweet sleepless nights you danced through on your way to this moment. Welcome to the love letter to your leaving and arriving again. Here.
A Letter to the Shooting Stars Among Us is a concoction of music and poetry that pushes the boundaries of genre and expectation. Flowing from spoken word poetry and hip-hop roots, it’s a personal and powerful testament to the beauty and heartbreak of wising up and self-discovery. Examining everything from breakups, illness, crustaceans, immigration, supernovas, God, tomatoes, seedy motels, and all those other memories you locked up somewhere safe, this book is a reminder to love deeply, live boldly, and seek beauty in unconventional spaces.
Praise for The Shape of Normal
★★★★★ "The body crackles with life in Dylan Doyle’s collection, which maps currents of yearning and youth against the sediment of personal history. These poems are both beautifully tender and self-assured—they sing." ~Erica Berry, author of Wolfish: Wolf, Self, and the Stories We Tell About Fear

★★★★★ "Internal and external landscapes collide, and, instead of bursting, kaleidoscopically combine. Letter to the Shooting Stars Among Us is a scintillating, multi-sensory, deeply emotional journey through this third space." ~Ian Bonaparte, author of The Fool and other works

About the Author
Dylan Thomas Doyle is a spoken word poet writing out of Boulder, Colorado. A former Unitarian Universalist minister, Dylan is now an information science researcher at the University of Colorado Boulder. The heart of Dylan’s poetry was forged in the glory days of the early 2000s New York City slam scene. Before moving to Boulder, Dylan was a regular touring performer at the Nuyorican Poetry Cafe, Bowery Poetry Club, and other spoken word poetry venues throughout New York City and the Northeast. Previous full-length poetry books include The Garage? Just Torch It (Vine Leaves Press) and Our Graveyard Shift (Spring Otter Press). More work by Dylan can be found at and on all social media platforms @dylantdoyle.
About the Publisher
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