Introducing a Life-Changing Book: Maybe You Should Give Up by Byron Morrison


Maybe You Should Give Up:
7 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way and Take Control of Your Life 
Are you tired of standing in your own way, preventing yourself from reaching the life you truly desire? Deep down, you know what needs to be done, but you find yourself trapped in a cycle of self-sabotage?

It's time to make a change. But that doesn't mean giving up on your dreams and aspirations. Instead, it's about relinquishing the barriers that hinder your progress.

Within the pages of Maybe You Should Give Up, you'll uncover a treasure trove of cycle-breaking techniques. These proven methods have been expertly simplified into easy-to-follow steps, empowering you to finally break free from self-sabotage and reclaim control of your life.

Author Byron Morrison draws from his personal transformational journey, as well as nearly a decade of extensive research and working with individuals from 15 countries. This wealth of experience has culminated in a book that exudes empowerment, guiding you to overcome every obstacle hindering your happiness and success. 
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Maybe You Should Give Up by Byron Morrison

USA Release: June 27, 2023
UK Release: 13 July, 2023
Paperback: $17.95
Ebook: $0.99

Maybe You Should Give Up is a book about empowerment. About helping you break through everything that is stopping you from achieving the happiness and success you want. You’ll discover cycle-breaking techniques that have been broken down into easy-to-follow steps that will empower you to get out of your own way and stop sabotaging yourself.
Not only will you change the way you think, you’ll also change how you process problems, deal with setbacks, and feel about yourself so you can finally stop being the stumbling block in the way of the life that you want and break through to the next level of happiness and success.

Praise for You Should Give Up and Byron Morrison
  • "An inspiring book that will take its readers on a moving and enlightening journey." ~Goodreads Review
  • "A refreshing, sometimes hilarious, and often enlightening take on life." ~Amazon Review
  • "A coach that I could trust to help take me to the next level." ~Cody Sandone, Co-founder & CEO, Elevated Trading

About the Author
Byron Morrison is a high-performance coach, author, and speaker. Through The Evolved Programme, Byron has helped CEOs and business leaders around the world to become more effective by helping them take control of their role so that they can maximize their time, lead with confidence, and grow a business without losing their sanity. 

Byron is author of The Evolved CEO Book Collection: The Effective CEO and CEO in Control. He also offers on-demand courses designed to provide leaders with all the tools and guidance needed to get to the next level: 
  • BREAKTHROUGH: For those wanting to take their success, happiness, and life to the next level.
  • AMPLIFY: The ultimate productivity, time, and energy management course for CEOs and business leaders.
Perhaps most important, Byron offers one-on-one personal coaching via The Evolved Programme. Learn more about the program, Byron's books, and his video courses at, and connect with Byron via social media:

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