LitNuts: Books You Won't Find Elsewhere

LitNuts features books you probably won’t see elsewhere. (Visit our Booklovers Page to see our featured books.) What have you been missing? 

Indie Books: We focus on books from independent publishers. The Big Five publishers (and the ~250 imprints that they own) dominate publishing, including space on displays and shelves in book stores, and space in websites and e-newsletters online. But the creative and original works of indie presses are the lifeblood of American literature – and we make indie books the stars of the LitNuts newsletter and website.

More Inclusive = More Variety (much more!): In addition to the wide variety that comes with featuring great works of fiction and nonfiction from indie publishers, LitNuts also brings you new releases, award winners, collections of short stories, essays and poetry, and more – all kinds of books that you’ve been missing out on because other newsletters systematically exclude them!

Sounds crazy, right? But it’s true. Many newsletters don’t include books of short stories, essays or poetry simply because those types of books don’t sell as well as novels, which is kind of a Catch 22: the newsletters don’t include the books because they don’t sell as well – but part of the reason they don’t sell as well is because some newsletters won’t include them!

Also, LitNuts features new releases and award-winning books that you won’t find elsewhere because many other newsletters require the e-book edition to be $2.99 or less. Low-price books are great, but not every great book is $2.99 or less. There are a lot of great e-books out there for $3.99 or $4.99 or $6.99 or $9.99. LitNuts encourages authors and publishers to give our subscribers a good deal (everybody likes a good deal!), but ultimately, we give authors and publishers the flexibility to price books as they deem appropriate. We would rather include great books at a variety of price points, and let YOU decide how you want to spend your money. (We know that many readers are willing to pay more than $2.99 for a good read.)

An example: We recently featured Remembering Shanghai by Claire Chao – a book that has won 16 awards from all over the world. It’s a phenomenal story that traces five generations of a family’s history in parallel with the modern history of Shanghai. But e-newsletters that focus on bargain books would never feature Remembering Shanghai because the e-book edition is more than $2.99. (It's $9.99 - and well worth it!) 

Other newsletters bring you the cheapest. LitNuts brings you the best – and in the process, we bring you good deals on many, many books that you won't see featured elsewhere. Scan our recommendations to see what you’ve been missing, and subscribe today (it’s free!) to keep up-to-date on the Best of the Indies.

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