Spotlight on Look 'N Up Invasion, YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy from Janice Carr Smith


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on Look 'N Up Invasion by Janice Carr Smith, an award-winning work of science fiction/fantasy for young adults and readers of all ages. 

"A cleverly plotted mix of fantasy, family drama, and cultural debate. Highly recommended!" ~Wishing Shelf Book Review

Look 'N Up Invasion

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Genres: Coming of Age Fiction, Coming of Age Fantasy
Paperback: $20.99
Ebook: $0.99 

It's Baput's 12th birthday. The battle begins today.

While fighting the circadian predators that decimate their population every three years, the green-skinned royal family of a tiny, primitive world are accidentally transported to the Look ’N Up Pomegranate Ranch in present-day California, where they are hired as immigrant farm workers by a particularly empathetic family who were once penniless farm workers themselves, carry a hideous genetic deformity, and believe in the Look ’N Up Way: As the farmer, Elmer, puts it, “It means you pull your head out of wherever you like to tuck it and look around at the people around you. Feel them. Think about them. Consider them. How do these green people feel?”

Warm friendships form as the two families work to understand their vast differences. When they discover that the predators have followed their prey and are hibernating on the Look ‘N Up Ranch waiting to attack Earth, it will take the diverse capabilities of both worlds to defeat them. But can they do it quietly, while the beasts sleep, or will a battle erupt, exposing Earth to the ravenous monsters, and the gentile, green-skinned aliens to a hostile world?

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Praise for Look 'N Up Invasion

  • Finalist! 2023 The Wishing Shelf Book Awards
  • Royal Dragonfly Award
  • Honorable Mention in three categories (Novel, Sci-FI/Fantasy, Young Adult) from Story Monsters Ink
  • "Entertaining and enlightening." ~Book Trib
  • "A thrilling book with lots of plot twists, drama, and action." ~Hollywood Book Reviews
  • "An amazing job of both world building and character development." ~Pacific Book Review

About the Author
Janice Carr was raised by liberal parents in ’60s in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but was orphaned at fourteen and ended up living with relatives who had a very different world view. Jan rebelled and returned home to live with a family friend during high school, then left campus-rich Boston for a Radio-TV-Film major at Northwestern University. The college Outing Club opened her city-born eyes to the natural world with hiking, rock-climbing and spelunking trips, and she switched to a Geology major.

Jan settled in northern California where she married John Smith and made a career of shepherding projects through California’s rigorous environmental compliance process. After retirement, realized her lifelong dream of writing. She is now a member of: The Author's Guild, the Women's Fiction Writer's Association, The Wishing Shelf, and the Alliance of Independent Authors. Learn more at

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