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Great news for fans of vampire, werewolf, and zombie horror-comedy...

Monsters of the Midwest is FREE through October 31, 2023!

Monsters of the Midwest: The Complete Trilogy includes three novels from author Scott Burtness: 

  • Wisconsin Vamp: Book 1 in the series, 4.1 stars, 383 ratings
  • Northwoods Wolfman: Book 2 in the series, 4.4 stars, 98 ratings
  • Undead Cheesehead: 4.4 stars, 74 ratings

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Monsters of the Midwest: The Complete Trilogy

Genre: Horror Comedy, Vampire Horror, Vampire Thrillers
Includes three complete novels: Wisconsin Vamp, Northwoods Wolfman, Undead Cheesehead
FREE through October 31

A cheese-infused, flannel-clad, very Wisconsin horror-comedy trilogy

Herb, Dallas, and Stanley live in small-town Wisconsin, where life is nice and simple.

Until Herb becomes a vampire.
And Dallas becomes a werewolf.
And Stanley becomes a zombie.

Folks like to say that sometimes it takes a big change to discover who you were meant to be. Join the three friends on their hilarious misadventures and find out if that's true!

It all begins in Wisconsin Vamp. Truckstop diner cook and mediocre bowler Herb Knudsen starts rolling strikes. His best friend, Dallas, suspects the bloody reason why. When the newly-turned vampire and Dallas both go for the same girl, Herb has to decide whose life to spare: His friend's or his own.

The story continues in Northwoods Wolfman. After crowning himself the Hero of Trappersville, egotistical Dallas signs up with a group of monster hunters. When his first hunt reveals that he's the monster they're hunting, Dallas is forced to reckon with his new nature and redefine his humanity.

The trilogy's epic conclusion comes in Undead Cheesehead. A zombie apocalypse is overtaking the town, courtesy of local oddball and T.V. addict, Stanley. After getting turned, the little guy just can't stop biting people. Fortunately, there's someone trying to stop the zombie apocalypse. Someone that looks a lot like Stanley. If his friends and the whole town are going to survive, Stanley will have to be twice the man he is. Or three times. Maybe even four...

The Monsters in the Midwest trilogy is a great read for fans of Rick Gualtieri (Bill the Vampire), D.M. Guay (The Graveyard Shift), and Christopher Moore (Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story).

About the Author
Scott Burtness writes about ordinary Midwesterners making an extraordinary mess of things. "If the flannel fits…" says Scott.

Important to note: To Scott, "ordinary” includes vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, shapeshifters, aliens, and more.

Other books by Scott include The Misadventures of a Paranormal Post-Relationship Personal Effects Repossession Specialist, An Oracle Walks Into a Bar, A Scarecrow Wins an Award, and A Siren Sings Her Heart Out.

When Scott is not writing, he can be found hanging out at the local brewery, hanging out with his dog, or hanging out with his dog at the local brewery. Learn more at Scott's website, sign up for Scott's monthly newsletter The Paranomedy Pint (where drinking is the least of your problems), and follow Scott online: 


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