Spotlight on Murder Under Redwood Moon, a cozy paranormal murder mystery from Sherri L. Dodd


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on Murder Under Redwood Moon, a cozy paranormal murder mystery from author Sherri L. Dodd and a fun read for mystery junkies as well as for fans of modern fantasy fiction and witchcraft. Read on to learn more. 

★★★★★ "An engaging and atmospheric novel that skillfully blends elements of realistic mystery with the supernatural." ~K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite

Murder Under Redwood Moon

Book 1 in the The Murder, Tea & Crystals Trilogy
4.5 stars, 32 ratings
Paperback: From $17.95
Audiobook: From $17.46
Ebook: $5.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

At the age of eight, Arista Kelly was whisked off to an isolated town in the California Redwoods. Two days later, her parents were gone. Now at the age of twenty-three, Arista has settled into an eclectic lifestyle, much like her Great Aunt Bethie, who has been Arista's guardian since childhood.

But Arista's tranquil life in the Santa Cruz Mountains takes a dark turn when her recurring visions and a ghostly presence disrupt her peaceful existence. With a penchant for herbs and crystals and a connection to nature, Arista's unique lifestyle intertwines with the mysterious events unfolding around her. The discovery of a classmate's body and the looming threat of a serial killer force Arista to confront the encroaching darkness in her once-idyllic mountain sanctuary.

Praise for Murder Under Redwood Moon
Literary Titan Gold Award Winner

"Dodd’s skillful fusion of nature reverence, supernatural themes, and suspenseful plot twists results in a narrative brimming with intrigue and a touch of witchy allure." ~Literary Titan

"An energetic and suspenseful witchcraft-filled murder mystery." ~Chelsey Tucker, Independent Book Review

★★★★★ "A compelling blend of the mystical and the macabre." ~K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite

★★★★★ "A thrilling supernatural mystery." ~Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

About the Author

Sherri L Dodd was raised in southeast Texas. Walking barefoot most days and catching crawdads as they swam the creek beds, she had a love for all things free and natural. Her childhood included talk of ghosts, demons, and back country folklore. This inspired her first short story, which she sold to a classmate for all the change in his pocket.

Sherri later moved to the central coast of California with her mother, and has ping-ponged throughout the area ever since. Her first real step into writing was Mom Looks Great – The Fitness Program for Moms, published in 2005, and its accompanying blog. More recently, Sherri transmuted the grief of her father's passing by branching into fiction with the release of Murder Under Redwood Moon in March 2024. Learn more by visiting—and be sure to sign up for Sherri's newsletter and to follow her online:

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