New Release: Heart and Salt by Elaina Battista-Parsons


Congratulations to Elaina Battista-Parsons and Vine Leaves Press on the release of Heart and Salt, a collection of stories for those "wishing to reflect while also being transported."

Heart and Salt by Elaina Battista-Parsons

NEW RELEASE: April 25, 2023
From $4.99  

Camus once stated that fiction is a lie through which we tell the truth. The main characters in Heart and Salt all have truths, lies, and in-betweens, similar to every human being you’ve ever met. We all carry scraps of our past in our hearts, the hope of the present in our palms, and the leftovers in our souls.

Heart and Salt unwraps what is boxed tightly until it can’t be contained any longer—Charli tests her seemingly strong marriage, Genevieve investigates a crumbly old beach shack after decades of storms, February navigates a new friendship, and Feather can’t find her way out of the self-imposed “middle.” Every piece’s setting inhales and exhales as strongly as the people living within its walls, from backyards to kitchens, and from small towns to cities.

Dive deep into their heart, their salt, and their truths.
Praise for Heart and Salt
Heart and Salt is an honest account of girlhood growing into womanhood, the femininity of each reaching out its hand for the other as if to say, We will get through this together.” ~Chimen Kouri, author of Peach Milk

“With its glimpses into the lives of a divorcee, grieving daughter, a teen wrought with angst and more, there are few feminine feelings left unmined.” ~Suzanne Crain Miller, author of Queen and Temperatures

About the Author
If you see a woman in Doc Martens drooling over a 1964 Chevy Impala like it’s candy, it’s probably Elaina. Her first two books are Italian Bones in the Snow and Black Licorice. Elaina’s poems and prose have been published in many lit mags and journals. She’s the editor of 50 Give or Take with Vine Leaves Press and lives on the Jersey Shore with her husband and daughters. Her essay “I Said it Out Loud” was a 2021 finalist in the Anne Dillard Creative Nonfiction contest. Elaina is also an acquisitions reader for Pearson Education. Learn more at
About the Publisher
Vine Leaves Press likes to blur the line between commercial and experimental works. They publish book-length vignette collections, writing reference books, short story collections, memoir/autobiography, and character-driven novels with a literary bent.​ Subscribe to the Vine Leaves Press newsletter to receive FREE advanced review copies of upcoming new releases, news about their authors and subscribers, and/or to read the monthly opinion column, SPILL IT! or a daily dose of 50-word stories. Learn more at

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