New Release: The 50-Word Stories of 2023


New release: Get your copy of The 50-Word Stories of 2023: Microfiction for Lovers of Quick Reads from Vine Leaves Press! 

Micro fiction has been broadly defined as stories of 300 words or less. There's also flash fiction (aka, fast fiction, sudden fiction, postcard fiction, a micro-story, a nanotale, a short short, etc.). Whatever you call it, these are meant to be quick reads. 

Today's featured book is a collection of stories that come in at the extremely compact length of 50 words, "give or take." If you're a fan of Baudelaire's prose-poetry, Robert Walser's writing, Hemingway's super-short stories ("For sale: baby shoes, never worn."), Yasunari Kawabata's "palm-of-hand" stories, the writing of Donald Barthelme or Lydia Davis, or any other quick reads, you'll enjoy this collection.

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The 50-Word Stories of 2023: Microfiction for Lovers of Quick Reads (50 Give or Take)

NEW RELEASE: November 28, 2023
Genre: Short Story Anthologies
Paperback: $17.99

Read a story between sips of coffee, while running errands, or on your commute home. Vine Leaves Press 50-word stories are a welcome break from a busy day. The 50 Give or Take newsletter series delivers a bite-sized piece of literature straight into your inbox. This anthology contains VLP's third year's worth of stories.

Praise for 50 Give or Take

"50 ways to get to the heart of the matter." ~Joanne Nelson

"50 Give or Take is the itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini of writing." ~Teri M Brown

"Thought-provoking petite prose." ~Theresa Milstein

"Tiny windows that sometimes are also tiny mirrors." ~Tim Canny

"Sometimes what you leave out tells more of the story than your words can." ~Peter Snell

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