People Making Danger: Fun Summer Short Reads


Spotlight on
The People Making Danger Series from author Adam Fike
Short summer reads full of suspense, surprises and dark humor...
...because good characters make poor choices.

SHORT READ SERIES: Three-act stories covering a range of genres from mysteries, thrillers, and sci-fi to biography, satire, and magical realism—all told in the present tense, like reading a movie. 

Neighbors grow together with the help of their friendly, local serial killer. A small town confuses an Army training exercise with an alien invasion (based on a true story). Robbing a remote bank full of mob money goes very wrong and then gets worse. A violinist plays so magically they thought he was pure evil. And a dead convict returns to his dusty hometown on the day his criminal career began.

The Quiet Ones

Genre/themes: Thriller, Suspense, Betrayal, Hope

When a young girl goes missing, families fall apart and neighbors grow together with the help of their friendly local serial killer.

You know, life in the suburbs is like anyplace else. Occasionally, the universe likes to make sure you're paying attention. When a troublesome teenager goes missing, her father, a local cop, hits the sauce. Bob is in over his head at work and messing around with his secretary. After losing her brother in a tragic leather bondage accident, Ruth needs to find her voice. And Junior...if it turns out he's that big, friendly guy down the street with bodies in his yard, well, then, fine. But he's going out his way.

Operation Dragonhead

Genre/themes: Satire, Sci-Fi, Nostalgia
$0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Mistaking experimental Army communication helmets for alien antennae during a surprise training maneuver, rural townsfolk launch an improvised defense. Based on a true story.

Early one morning, at the end of the 1950s, the sky above a small mountain town fills with parachutes. The streets flood with tanks and troops. An impressive, highly coordinated Army training exercise goes off without a hitch. Until the friendly town folk decide to fight back. Who launched Dragonhead? Sorry, that's top secret. However, this satire IS based on a true story.

High Desert

Genre/themes: Bank Heist, Muscle Car Western
$0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

A rotten sheriff and reluctant hero settle old family scores beyond the reach of the law.

Hanner only wants to tinker in his desert junk yard, fish for wrecks on the highway, and forget his family legacy. A corrupt sheriff, fate, and a vault full of organized crime loot have another idea. 


Genre/themes: Historical Fiction, Biography
$0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

The wicked life of a notorious nineteenth-century Italian violinist who played so beautifully—and broke so many hearts—they thought he was the devil.

Paganini's music was spellbinding. He set Europe on fire. Voices burst from his violin. It was all so magical. But was it evil? In the end, he does confess. But not to that.

Yardley County

Genre/themes: Regret, Redemption, Magical Realism
$0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

A dead escaped convict finds himself, and his redemption, at the hometown robbery where a gunshot began his criminal career.

What really did go down all those years ago in Yardley County? Well, memory is a funny thing. So when he dies escaping prison, Lenny returns to his dusty hometown to remember. Unwinding these events leads to his only real choice.

People Making Danger - Complete Set


BONUS! Get two bonus stories (Valley Football and The Trop) when you purchase the entire set of five "People Making Danger" stories. 

People Making Danger: Because good characters make poor choices.

About the Author
Adam Fike, his wife, and son found a home in the San Fernando Valley with technicolor sunsets and an orange tree in the yard. His first book is an ode to English class. The second is dedicated to Saturday matinees. 

He co-created Wyndotte Street's original comedy library with producer Christian Monzon, studied sketch and long-form improv at at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles, and is a former suburban Washington D.C. area newspaper reporter. 

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