Steamy Sci-Fi & Paranormal Western Titles


This edition of LitNuts brings you the heat with these steamy science fiction and paranormal western titles:

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Tabitha Prime

Genre: Steamy Science Fiction
5.0 stars, 5 ratings
From $6.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

The year is 2109. Tabitha, a devious vengeful clone of Bill Jones’ long-dead ex-wife, has developed a powerful weapon that can destroy stars, along with their planetary systems. With it, she secured her position as a Prime Director in the Mr’rk Interstellar Corporation.

But her obsession goes far beyond absolute power or fabulous wealth. She wants revenge for the death of Bull Travers, the man she cuckolded Bill with years ago on the USS Armstrong. In addition to killing Bill Jones, she seeks to destroy the entire Solar System so she can plunder Earth.

Fast forward five years. Bill Jones is promoted and given tactical command of the task force sent to stop Tabitha and her evil plan. But he has other issues, like a drug-addicted mentally unstable Admiral who also has an axe to grind with Bill, a starship upgraded with barely tested alien technology, and the off-chance of starting Earth’s first interstellar war.

Can Bill and the Enterprise stop Tabitha in time?

The Kepler Incident

Genre: Steamy Science Fiction
4.3 stars, 16 ratings
From $2.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

In 2108, the faster-than-light science vessel USS Kepler suddenly went missing. An intense search found nothing, and the ship, with all 50 hands, was listed as "missing."

Four years later, a single communications packet from the doomed ship arrived at Starbase One, in orbit over Earth. After verifying the signal source, Star Fleet Command dispatched the USS Enterprise, commanded by Captain Bill Jones, to investigate the situation.

Upon arrival at Wolf 437, a red dwarf star with two planets, Enterprise found Kepler's damaged drive section. Hoping that Capt. Stewart, the commanding officer of Kepler, had somehow managed to land the rest of his crippled ship on a nearby planet, Capt. Jones sets out.

What he and the Enterprise find on the planet, labeled Gliese 486c, surprises everyone.

Justice Rides

Genre: Steamy Paranormal Western
4.9 stars, 52 ratings
From $5.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Shot dead at the battle of Brown's Mill in 1864, Elijah Jones, a sergeant in the 8th Regiment of Indiana Cavalry, learns that he has been recruited by an immortal being named Adrestia Rhamnousia to help dispense justice in a dark world.

As part of his preparation and training, Eli spends five years with the Texas Rangers, riding with Captain Bill McDonald, one of the greatest Ranger Captains of all time. He deals with the worst humanity has to offer, including robbers, carpetbaggers, crooked lawmen, and the owner of a notorious New York speakeasy.

Justice Rides is not just a story of illicit sex, cheating, and retribution. It is a story of hope, family, romance, and eternal love that spans over 75 years of US history. Saddle up and enjoy the ride as Eli Jones makes the transition to the avenger known as Justice O. Peace.

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