New release: Saving Raine by Marian L. Thomas


New release! Congratulations to author Marian L. Thomas on the release of Saving Raine, a profound tale of resilience and redemption. Read on to learn more!

"Thomas's potent voice and unique perspective have solidified her place in the literary world." ~Midwest Book Review

Bonus: Saving Raine includes discussion questions for book clubs!

Saving Raine

New release: April 16, 2024
Genres: Literary Fiction, Coming of Age Fiction, Family Life Fiction, Women's Domestic Life Fiction, Black & African American Literary Fiction, Contemporary Literary Fiction, Clean & Wholesome Romance
Hardcover: $24.99
Paperback: $15.99
Ebook: $3.99  

Raine Reynolds stands at the crossroads of despair and opportunity.
When the life you've built crumbles and the past refuses to release its grip, sometimes you need a fresh start—a new beginning that promises hope and redemption.
Once a celebrated author, Raine's life unraveled, sending her fleeing to the picturesque streets of Paris to escape the tormenting heartache that threatened to consume her. Yet, no matter how far she traveled, the pain remained her unwelcome companion.
Returning to bustling Atlanta as a senior VP for an ad agency, Raine is forced to confront a city steeped in memories she'd rather forget. But as life would have it, an old friend resurfaces, offering a glimmer of healing in the midst of her turmoil. Can she summon the courage to trust once more?
In a world where everyone yearns for the saving grace of love, Raine is no exception. Her story is a testament to the enduring human spirit, a reminder that a path to love can be found even in the face of the darkest storms.

Praise for Saving Raine

  • "Thomas delivers smooth, evocative storytelling, portraying the raw realities of challenging experiences while also capturing the healing power of love." ~Kirkus Reviews
  • "The author holds the reader's attention right to the last page of this book, with an unexpected ending. It was a joy to read this inspirational story. This book is well worth more than one read." ~B. Longu, Readers' Favorite
  • "A powerful tale that follows one woman's journey as she faces a difficult crossroad, unsure of which path to take. Through determination, perseverance, and a little luck, she discovers her true purpose and the strength to overcome any obstacle. Marian L. Thomas is a fantastic author who has created a story that shows one woman's hardships. This book is a testament to her talent as a writer. You'll be captivated from the first page and taken on a ride full of intense emotions that will leave you breathless.." ~Midwest Book Review

About the Author
Marian L. Thomas wouldn’t say that her first career choice was writing novels. She saw herself working as a journalist for a local newspaper. In college, she served as a sports editor for the student paper, and later as the news editor. But Marian’s writing path took a detour when she drafted her first completed manuscript. Now, she can’t imagine not crafting stories for women that bring characters to life—characters who face real obstacles, cross difficult barriers to find love, and discover all the wonderful possibilities that life can offer.

Marian has been featured on NBC, CBS and Fox television, and in many print and online publications, including USA Today. Originally from Illinois, Marian currently resides in Atlanta with her husband, enjoys a big bowl of popcorn every night, and believes that pasta should be a vegetable. Learn more at, and be sure to also follow her online:

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