Spotlight on author Scott Burtness and "a darkly funny shapeshifter urban fantasy"


August Shade has found his niche. The cynical shapeshifter knows that most relationships don't last. He also knows that after a messy breakup, most people—human or otherwise—just want two things: Their stuff back, and to never see their ex again.
Join August as he does his best to reunite broken hearts with their favorite things and not get killed—or worse—while doing it.

An Oracle Walks into a Bar

Book 1 in The Misadventures of a Paranormal Post-Relationship Personal Effects Repossession Specialist
4.5 stars, 63 ratings

August Shade has found his niche. He’s a post-relationship personal effects repossession specialist. Satisfaction not guaranteed. But at least you’ll have your favorite whatever back.

Vilde Tank has found her destiny. Guided by her horoscopes, the huldra hires August to reclaim an unusual book. It reveals the secret of the Zodiac’s thirteenth sign, bestows its reader with the power to write their own future, and is currently in the possession of her vampire ex-lover.

Clarissa Steyer has found her calling. The oracle writes horoscopes for the local paper. Her celestial predictions help keep the world spinning. Now August is in all of her visions and the world might be coming to an end. She knows that the shapeshifter can change into a lot of things, but can he change the future?

Plagued by the oracle’s horoscopes, haunted by a dark past, and grappling with his penchant for making bad decisions, the only sure thing about August’s future is that it looks short.

"Sharp and funny—think the Hitchhiker's Guide only paranormal." ~Andrew Shaffer, NY Times bestselling author

A Scarecrow Wins an Award

Book 2 in The Misadventures of a Paranormal Post-Relationship Personal Effects Repossession Specialist
4.7 stars, 16 ratings
From $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Shapeshifter August Shade saved the world. The personal effects repo man bested a vampire, a warlock, and a troll without even breaking a sweat.

While his growing celebrity has been good for business, it’s also meant taking jobs farther from home. Now, the cranky shapeshifter is in farm country—definitely not his natural habitat—and mixed up with two feuding hag sisters, a loan sharking coblyn, and a mysterious woman with a very scary ex. The manure hits the fan when his best friend blows the lid off a major conspiracy and lands August in a heap of trouble.

A Scarecrow Wins an Award is a great read for fans of John Dies at the End by Jason Pargin, Arcane Casebook by Dan Willis, Moth Busters by Margaret Lashley, and Douglas Adams's A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

A Siren Sings Her Heart Out

Book 3 in The Misadventures of a Paranormal Post-Relationship Personal Effects Repossession Specialist
New Release: Coming June 30, 2023
From $0.99 

August Shade needs a break. Reptilians are trying to take over the world. Powerful paranormals are a little too interested in whether he lives or dies. After years of laying low, the grumpy shapeshifter’s face is all over the Internet. If that wasn’t bad enough, August’s best friend is playing around with necromancy.

Desperate to clear his head, the cranky shapeshifter heads north to the shores of Lake Superior. Now he’s drowning in lake monsters, paranormal prophecies, and reptilian plots. A drink would help, but the only bar in town is a karaoke bar.

For a guy who has tried to not make waves, life is getting pretty choppy. It’s sink or swim for the poor repo man. If he’s going down, though, August will make sure he goes down singing.

About the Author
Scott Burtness writes about ordinary Midwesterners making an extraordinary mess of things. "If the flannel fits…" says Scott.

Important to note: To Scott, "ordinary” includes vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, shapeshifters, aliens, and more.

When Scott is not writing, he can be found hanging out at the local brewery, hanging out with his dog, or hanging out with his dog at the local brewery. Learn more at Scott's website, sign up for his monthly newsletter, or follow him on social media: TikTokTwitterFacebookInstagramGoodreads.

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