Spotlight on Stories of Shadow and Flame from Nick Oliveri


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the Stories of Shadow and Flame series from Kirkus-recommended author Nick Oliveri. Read on to learn more about the books in this exciting and innovative series.  

★★★★★ "Mystical, unique, and exciting." ~Vine Voice Review

Becoming the Conjurer (Stories of Shadow and Flame Book 1)

Genres: Historical Fantasy, Coming of Age Fantasy
4.92 stars, 24 ratings on Goodreads
Paperback: $15.99
Ebook: $3.99  

The paths of three boys intertwine at an unlikely junction in this fantastic tale of treachery, hope, and power.

When opportunity knocks for Mikalla to become The Conjurer’s assistant, he is quickly rivaled by Gobi, the jealous and talented apprentice. Gobi will do anything for a chance to be rid of Mikalla.

Meanwhile, the second prince of Idaza is a pudgy royal with not much to do and even less to be proud of. But Oro is soon taught the ways of power and conflict by an unlikely character.

Treachery, murder, and opportunity rear their heads and clash in a story of shadows and flame, artistry and power. Embark on this fantastic tale about the true influence of people’s minds and the power to control a whole populace—relevant to any time period, and especially now more than ever.

★★★★★ "Gripping and enchanting." ~Goodreads Review

★★★★★ "Dark and intriguing." ~Amazon Review

The Conjurer (Stories of Shadow and Flame Book 2)

Genres: Historical Fantasy; Historical Literary Fiction; Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Literary Fiction
4.42 stars, 81 ratings on Goodreads
Paperback: $11.09
Ebook: $0.99  

In the thriving kingdom of Idaza, Mikalla is the adored Conjurer, the nation’s chief storyteller, using the shadows cast by the city’s glorious ceremonial flame.

But death awaits around every corner. Addiction rattles the king. Trauma haunts the nobility and their conflicting motives. Murder happens, but to find out who succumbs to it is a journey the reader must take alone through the halls and palaces of the glorious Inner Gardens.

With a beautiful family and his position as one of King Oro’s favorite courtiers, Mikalla’s life is perfect. That is, until the king commands him to deliver a deadly message—one that will inevitably end in bloodshed and a war-torn Idaza.

With King Oro’s minions—Secretary Kitan and General Jax—skulking in the wings, Mikalla doesn’t know who to trust. Worse, he isn’t sure who’s really pulling the strings behind this political charade.

Betrayal and murder lie in the shadows Mikalla has always used to captivate the masses.

Will the flames reveal the truth hidden within the twisted schemes, or will Mikalla rise to his government’s call? Mikalla, the Conjurer, must realize his choices alone hold the power to change Idaza—to change everything.

★★★★★ "A thought-provoking exploration of power, trust, and the consequences of one's choices." ~Goodreads Review

"A bold, tautly written work about the struggle to express oneself freely." ~Kirkus Reviews

"I found myself invested and blown away by the story, and I believe prospective readers would feel the same." ~Online Book Club

The Last Conjurer (Stories of Shadow and Flame Book 3)

Genres: Historical Fantasy, Ancient Historical Fiction
New release: December 8, 2023 (pre-order now!)
Paperback: $15.99
Ebook: $0.99  

As dangerous as it is compelling, this genre-defying journey crowns the critically acclaimed trilogy.

In today’s society, people scroll through a digital world that alienates them. Coyote suffers the same struggle as he journeys to the greedy depths of vicious crime and sin. The unproven son leaves his cushy life to battle through tattered robes through deserts and cities. As he does so, a shocking power struggle between the kingdom’s leaders unleashes terror in an unforgettable battle of the wits.

Blood spills.

The Minister of Economics has brought great wealth to the kingdom. But King Oro grows suspicious of the minister’s bold visions. The commoners of the kingdom only live to strive for more wealth as the age and beloved myths of The Conjurer have died. Hopeless and lacking any direction, Coyote often cries alone, dwelling in the dark of night on the loss of so much.

Passionate love, death, and redemption all culminate to tell a timeless tale of society’s last tethers to humanity.

The Last Conjurer is a lush yet twisted journey of a lonely boy coming of age in a time where all is lost.

About the Author
Nick Oliveri is a Ukrainian-born, Kirkus-recommended author of eight novels and a book of poetry. He is often dubbed as a controversial creator of transgressive fiction and genre-bending literature. Nick treasures the unique potential behind every person’s story and values sharing those tales with the world. Skilled at crafting sentences that bring his characters and their narratives to life, he is passionate about the beauty the written word has to offer. Learn more and follow Nick on his Amazon Author Page and on Goodreads.

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