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The Ryan DeMarco Mystery Series is a collection of five literary thrillers by critically acclaimed author Randall Silvis. The fifth and final book in the series was recently released, and all five books are now available in a boxed set. Read on for more information about the series finale, When All Light Fails, and the boxed set of the entire series.

When All Light Fails
When powerful men pull strings to get what they want...someone almost always ends up dead.

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There's not much that would convince retired police sergeant Ryan DeMarco to take on another private investigation case, but he can't refuse a nine-year-old Michigan girl begging for help finding her biological father. The road trip to the Upper Peninsula promises DeMarco and his partner, Jayme, a chance to heal from their last case, but things aren't as they first appear in the woods of Michigan. This investigation just might be the most emotionally troubling one DeMarco and Jayme have yet encountered, for there are plenty of people who will do whatever it takes to shut them down before the truth comes to light.

The Ryan DeMarco Series 
Literary, emotionally propulsive novels that are poetically written, finely wrought, and richly imagined. 

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  • Two Days Gone (Book 1): Hammett Prize Nominee! The perfect family. The perfect house. The perfect life. All gone now. Sergeant Ryan DeMarco knows—or thinks he knows—that the prime suspect couldn't have been capable of murdering his family. But if he is innocent, why is he on the run?
  • Walking the Bones (Book 2): When long-buried secrets come back to the surface—memories, regrets, secrets, and bodies—DeMarco finds himself once again drawn into a case that will demand more of himself than he may be willing to give. "Silvis smoothly blends moments of exquisite beauty into a sea of darker emotion to create a moving story heavy with the theme of the ‘past is never past.'" ~Publisher’s Weekly
  • A Long Way Down (Book 3): DeMarco and his new love, Jayme, agree to help investigate a series of murders that might tie into a cold case from his school days, but the deeper he and Jayme dig into the disturbing murders, the less likely it is that either one of them will escape the devastation. ​"Silvis is at it again, striving for a blend of crime story and literature, mutilated bodies and lapidary prose." ~Booklist
  • No Woods So Dark as These (Book 4): DeMarco and Jayme want nothing more than to live quietly in each other's company. But dreams of a peaceful life are shattered when two bodies are discovered in a smoldering car in the woods, and another is found brutally mutilated nearby. "A poignant and gritty thriller that reveals humanity's best and worst." ~Kate Kessler, bestselling author
  • When All Light Fails (Book 5): “Elegiac… Silvis delivers crisp action sequences, but most memorable are DeMarco’s long, ruminative digressions that sum up the career of a complicated, honorable man. Readers will be sorry to see the last of him.” ~Publishers Weekly
About Randall Silvis
"A master storyteller." ~New York Times Book Review

Randall Silvis is the multi-genre author of nineteen critically acclaimed novels, three story collections, and two books of creative nonfiction. He is a past winner of the prestigious Drue Heinz Literature Prize, and his work has been published in more than a hundred editions in several languages.

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