Spotlight on Your Daily Guide to Shine by Kevin Alan Lamb


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on Your Daily Guide to Shine: Embrace Your Calling through Music, Poetry, and Prose by Kevin Alan Lamb. 

"A touchstone for personal growth and empowerment." ~Matt Rudnitsky, You Are an Author

Your Daily Guide to Shine

Genres: Happiness Self-Help, Poetry
5 stars, 59 ratings on Amazon
Paperback: $14.99
E-book: $4.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Your Daily Guide to Shine: Embrace Your Calling through Music, Poetry, and Prose offers a hopeful glimpse into the soul of humanity through its relationship with music, dreams, and home. This collection of lyrical poetry, prose, and musician interviews will help tune your inner voice, and guide you in the direction of your joy. Your joy is your light; walk in its direction to discover your true calling and help others to do the same.

For nearly a decade, Kevin Alan Lamb has worked in live music—building community, interviewing bands, writing, photographing, managing artists, booking, and promoting shows. Music is the vehicle that built his love into his life. What is your guiding light? Which direction is it calling you in? Are you listening? Isn’t it time? 

"A touchstone for personal growth and empowerment, Kevin Alan Lamb's Your Daily Guide to Shine is the beacon of hope you didn't know you needed. More than a book, it's a vibrant, introspective journey pulsating with profound wisdom and dynamic resonance." ~Bestselling Author Matt Rudnitsky

About the Author
Kevin Alan Lamb is an author, poet, and journalist based in Oxford, Michigan. Kevin spent the first 18 years of his life believing that he would pitch a baseball for a living, but a torn rotator cuff shattered that dream. 

Once you go all in on a dream only to witness it crumble, there’s no telling how or where to begin again.

The lyrics of a song by The Avett Brothers inspired Kevin to change his life: "Decide what to be and go be it." When Marcus Mumford (of Mumford & Sons) later gave him a shoutout in front of 30,000 people, Kevin realized it was time to stop covering professional sports and become a music journalist. Today, Kevin writes song lyrics, poignant poems, stirring affirmations, personal anecdotes, and fascinating musician interviews. 

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