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Today, LitNuts is inviting booklovers to be a part of a unique publishing project by participating in The Chimera Snare: Fragments Kickstarter campaign

The Chimera Snare is a new dark fantasy series, and readers who participate in the Kickstarter campaign can choose from a variety of rewards, including specially curated goods from a selection of independent artisans. Backers will also be acknowledged in the book's credits

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The Chimera Snare: Fragments

Book 1 in a Dark Fantasy Series

High school chaos clashes with an other-worldly feud as two earthbound teenagers work together to thwart a reality-bending showdown.

The Chimera Snare: Fragments plunges the reader into the middle of an otherworldly feud between the distant realms of Celestine and Daeva. Notable characters from each realm are vying for the possession of a powerful set of artifacts known as The Order of Existence that grants the user control over all reality. While the Celestines have established themselves as the guardians of The Order, a sect within the persecuted realm of Daeva aims to assume control of it and exact a long-awaited vengeance.

When two Celestine guardians are expelled from their realm and trapped within the bodies of two earthbound teenagers, a race begins between the feuding realms: Will the Celestines find a way to free their guardians, or will the Daeva succeed in their quest to alter the fabric of existence?

Meanwhile on Earth, high schoolers and best friends Rayshell and Trish are thrust into the story when they realize that they are living vessels in this realm for the two banished Celestine guardians, putting Rayshell and Trish in a race against time to connect with the Celestines before the Daeva find them. 
About the Kickstarter Campaign
The Chimera Snare: Fragments Kickstarter campaign aims to bring this new dark fantasy series to life while offering backers unique rewards, exclusive merchandise, and the promise of an unforgettable literary journey.

You can become a backer of this exciting project for as little as $5 and earn exciting rewards in the process...ranging from an eBook edition to a signed paperback copy to a lavish first-edition hardcover version, and much more, including a Triple Moon Pendant, hand-painted artwork, fragrances in the form of artisan candles, soaps, and incense, and other curated goods, many of which can be had in rewards bundles.

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About the Authors
Shannon Vierra is an urban gardener and avid seed collector—last clocked in with over 3500 different varieties. In the makeup community, Shannon goes by zoomzoommacaron where she collaborates with fellow MUAS across the world. She hosts a monthly zombie-themed makeup group called the #zombabescollab and adores SFX and other creative makeup. Shannon is also the owner of ShopCorpsicle which specializes in handmade props, fake food, miniatures, prosthetics, and other accessories. She uses the alias Silence In Shadows for her traditional art. 

Edward Ayllon first discovered the joys of creative writing through his early high school studies, and has spent many years exploring and developing a deep appreciation for the arts. Since first collaborating with his wife, Shannon, he has sprouted a passion and true affinity for storytelling and crafting literature. In addition to refining his skill in creating written works, his other interests include playing bass guitar, listening to music, and dabbling in photography.

Shannon and Edward write together as S&E Black. Both are originally from California and now live in the Chicago area with an a clowder of rescue cats. Learn more at
About Clay Urn Publishing
Clay Urn Publishing LLC, co-founded in 2023 by Edward Ayllon and Shannon Vierra, is home to The Chimera Snare series and is open to other imaginative and captivating literary works. Committed to supporting independent voices, this publishing house seeks to create a platform where unique stories can flourish. Learn more at and follow Clay Urn online:

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