The Plantagenet Embers series: Highly rated historical fiction


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on books of the Plantagenet Embers series from author Samantha Wilcoxson, critically acclaimed historical fiction focused on the Plantagenet Dynasty. 

From the Wars of the Roses to the Reformation, the Plantagenet Embers series is an emotive journey into the early Tudor era. Told through the intimate experiences of historical figures Elizabeth of York, Margaret Pole, and Queen Mary I, the Plantagenet Embers trilogy transports the reader to 15th and 16th century England. 

"Samantha Wilcoxson has a unique writing style, which makes her stand out from other Tudor storytellers." ~Sharon Bennett Connolly, author of Heroines of the Medieval World

Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen: The Story of Elizabeth of York

Book 1 of the Plantagenet Embers series
Genre: Historical Biographical Fiction
4.3 stars, 2000+ ratings
Paperback: From $13.99
Ebook: $0.99 via Kindle Countdown Deal through 10/18, then $2.99 (free via Kindle Unlimited)

Born a Plantagenet Princess, Elizabeth became the first Tudor Queen.

She was the mother of Henry VIII and wife of Henry VII, but who was Elizabeth of York? As the eldest child of King Edward IV, Elizabeth had every reason to expect a bright future until Edward died and her life fell apart.

When Elizabeth's uncle became King Richard III, she was forced to choose sides. Should she trust her father's brother and most loyal supporter or honor the betrothal that her mother has made for her to her family's enemy, Henry Tudor?

The choice was made for her on the field at Bosworth.

Did Elizabeth find happiness with Henry? And did she ever discover the truth about her missing brothers, the lost Princes in the Tower?

Praise for Plantagenet Princess

  • "Wilcoxson makes Elizabeth an invitingly sympathetic character, and the novel’s portrait of Henry VII is truly remarkable for its humanity, a quality of his Tudor novelists often omit." ~Historical Novel Society
  • "I particularly liked the way the author gives a version of events which I had never thought of..." ~Author Annie Whitehead
  • "The story immerses the reader in Elizabeth’s point of view. Events are filtered through Elizabeth’s eyes, through her perspective as filtered by her own experiences and personal knowledge." ~Author Stephanie Churchill
  • "The author's genuine sympathy with, and empathy for her protagonist shines through, and it is this in particular that makes them a joy to read." ~Themis-Athena's Garden of Books

Faithful Traitor: The Story of Margaret Pole

Book 2 of the Plantagenet Embers series
Genre: Historical Biographical Fiction
4.4 stars, 447 ratings
Paperback: From $13.99
Ebook: $2.99 (free via Kindle Unlimited)

Margaret Pole is no stranger to fortune's wheel.

Firstborn of the heir apparent of England, she was brought low as the daughter of a traitor. After years of turmoil as the Tudor dynasty took root, Margaret finds favor with her cousin, King Henry VIII. Through it all, she struggles to forge a life for her children while protecting them from the king's suspicious jealousies.

Will the remnant of the York dynasty thrive under this tempestuous king, or will Margaret discover that there is a price to pay for having an excess of royal blood?

Praise for Faithful Traitor

  • "This is not only a great story about the Tudor times, but about a woman with the same emotions and moods we can identify with today." ~Readers' Favorite
  • "A magnificent and moving book." ~Reading the Ages
  • "Leaves you drawing in breath at the end, wondering, if the fates had been spun differently, what this likeable family of York would have achieved had they been given that chance." ~Discovering Diamond
  • "In describing Margaret Pole's path...Samantha Wilcoxson comes into her own as a writer and grabs her readers by their collective necks; only to leave us heartbroken at Margaret's fate." ~Themis-Athena's Garden of Books

Queen of Martyrs: The Story of Mary I

Book 3 of the Plantagenet Embers series
Genre: Historical Biographical Fiction
4.3 stars, 400+ ratings
Paperback: From $13.99
Ebook: $2.99 (free via Kindle Unlimited)

How did a gentle, pious woman become known as 'Bloody Mary'?

'God save the Queen! God save our good Queen Mary!'

When these words rang out over England, Mary Tudor thought her troubles were over. She could put her painful past—the loss of her mother and mistreatment at the hands of her father—behind her.

With her accession to the throne, Mary set out to restore Catholicism in England and find the love of a husband that she had long desired. But the tragedies in Mary's life were far from over.

Praise for Queen of Martyrs

  • "A fascinating read which shows us the true nature of Mary, whose reign was marked by extraordinary uneasiness and a lack of strength to set a standard of stability and acceptance for both friend and foe." ~Historical Novel Society
  • "Every scholar and enthusiast knows the crimes of Henry VIII and what unfolded in his wake. Samantha uses this to full advantage and weighs every ounce of this on Mary’s soul." ~Knight of Angels
  • "Most of all, I feel compassion for Mary and her lonely road through life. A woman who wanted only to love and be loved was given little opportunity to do either." ~Discovering Diamonds

About the Author

Samantha Wilcoxson is an author of emotive biographical fiction and strives to help readers connect with history's unsung heroes. She also writes nonfiction for Pen & Sword History. Samantha loves sharing trips to historic places with her family and spending time by the lake with a glass of wine. Her most recent work is Women of the American Revolution, which explores the lives of 18th century women, and she is currently working on a biography of James Alexander Hamilton. Learn more at Samantha's website, sign up for her newsletter, and be sure to follow her online:


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