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FREE - A Hamburger Christmas by J. T. Bishop

Book of the Day

Spending Christmas alone, a grieving detective finds himself at the mercy of thieves. Using his wits, he’ll learn that he and his adversaries share common ground, and together they’ll learn that the magic of Christmas means relying on those you love, whether they’re alive…or not. Sometimes, the greatest losses can offer the greatest blessings. If you enjoy an engaging mystery thriller, a close partnership between two bantering detectives, a sprinkle of supernatural suspense, and a heartwarming story, then discover Detectives Daniels and Remalla. 4.4 stars, 100 ratings on Goodreads. FREE - SHOP NOW

Lady Apprentice by Toni Cabell

Science Fiction and Fantasy

"A captivating fantasy adventure with a relatable female protagonist. Highly recommended!” -The Wishing Shelf. Linden is the worst mage apprentice in her school—maybe in the whole country. Yet all the prophecies predict she’s the girl with the answers. But if Linden can’t master a basic shape-shifting spell without starting a fire, how can she take on the darkest sorcerer in generations? 2021 B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree and Finalist in The 2022 Wishing Shelf Book Awards. 4.3 stars, 432 ratings. Book 1 in the Serving Magic Series. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

These Things Happen by Michael Eon

Literary Fiction and Poetry

“A nostalgic and often beautiful story. [A] charming ode to growing up in Brooklyn and a subtle love letter to the music of the time.” ~Kirkus Reviews. Daniel Zimmer will do almost anything to end his pain—except for the one thing that might work. Flashing through Daniel’s life, past and present, These Things Happen is an unflinchingly honest account of the inevitable ups and downs of recovery and coming of age. “Raw and compelling," ~Readers’ Favorite. 
4.7 stars, 64 ratings on Goodreads. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times by Thinknetic

General Nonfiction

Timeless Strategies And Daily Practices For Personal Growth, Finding Your Inner Balance And Managing Your Emotions (Stoicism Mastery). Do you feel like an unhappy achiever? Here is your missing key to lasting fulfillment. We often struggle with the pressures of our career and personal life, always seeking validation for our achievements. Stoicism may be the answer you’re looking for. Embrace the wisdom of the ancients and revolutionize your approach to life. 4.6 stars, 11 ratings. From $9.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

The Ghosts of Nothing by Cecily Walters

Science Fiction and Fantasy

The town of Nothing is haunted...or so its citizens believe. Sixteen-year-old Nelly Morighan is skeptical of the stories, and for good reason. The locals blame her "cursed" family for all their ghostly woes and do their utmost to make Nelly's life a living hell. But then one night she spots a strange light sneaking through the abandoned house on the farm. When she investigates, she finds fairies. Within hours of this discovery, Nelly's grandmother is catatonic, and the otherworldly trespassers are offering up a cure. 4.8 stars, 59 ratings. From $4.99 SHOP NOW

Heroes, Holidays, and Hope: A Military Romance Anthology


Sacrifice. Valor. Patriotism. They fought courageously on the battlefield. Now they’re fighting for love. Volume 1 contains contemporary military romances that take place during the cold weather holiday months. This “must have” charity collection supports Fisher House, comfort homes where military and veteran families can stay free of charge, while a loved one is in the hospital. Pick up your copy today (gift some copies too!)and make a huge difference. From $1.99 SHOP NOW

Bad Boy Billionaire Baby Daddies by Aria McDow


Three damaged billionaires. Three babies. Three loves for a lifetime. A three-book, steamy romance collection that includes enemies-to-lovers, age-gap, single-dad, surprise-pregnancy, second-chance, and off-limits romances, and much, much more! From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Spotlight on Baking Baklava and Cooking Greek from Chef Pemi Kanavos and Worldwide Greeks


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on Baking Baklava and Cooking Greek, two beautiful cookbooks from Chef Pemi Kanavos, Tanya Stamoulis, and the cooking experts at Worldwide Greeks that would make wonderful holiday gifts to give to others or to keep for yourself!

★★★★★ "Great Greek Cookbook!" ~Amazon Vine Voice Review

Baking Baklava: Classic and Inspired Recipes from Around the World
Genre:  Pastry Baking; Cooking Encyclopedias; Cooking, Food & Wine Reference
New Release: November 2023
Paperback: $19.99

A stunning 100-page, 27-recipe, high-quality baking cookbook that is the perfect handbook for bakers and baklava lovers alike.

The Baking Baklava cookbook pays tribute to baklava, a renowned delicacy treasured in many countries around the world, with simple and easy-to-follow baklava recipes for all skill levels. Also included are more than a dozen delicious dessert recipes inspired by the flavors and textures of baklava, making this the perfect cookbook for dessert lovers and a great gift for any occasion.

People are often intimidated by baking, particularly with a delicate dessert like baklava. But when presented by Chef Pemi, baking baklava is anxiety free! Explore baklava recipes from various countries, including Greek Baklava, Persian Baghlava, Turkish Soguk or Cold Baklava, Albanian Bakllave, Syrian Pistachio Lady’s Bracelet Baklava, Azeri Pakhlava, Lebanese Baklava, Armenian Chor Paxlava, and Jordanian Warbat Baklava.

Chef Pemi has also created delicious Baklava-inspired recipes paying homage to a classic with modern twists, such as Baklava Cheesecake, Chocolate Hazelnut Baklava, Caramel Apple Baklava Rolls, Caramel Chocolate Peanut Crinkle Baklava, Bacon-Pecan-Cognac Baklava, Baklava Ice Cream Tarts, Chocolate Peanut Butter Baklava, and more. For those with dietary restrictions, Chef Pemi has adapted classic Baklava recipes to include Gluten-Free Baklava, Nut-Free Baklava, and Vegan Baklava variations.
Cooking Greek: A Classic Greek Cookbook for the At-Home Chef
Genre: Greek Cooking; Cooking Encyclopedias; Cooking, Food & Wine Reference
4.7 stars, 100 ratings on Amazon
Paperback: $23.39
Ebook: $9.99

A visually beautiful cookbook with more than 200 pages of flavorful and delicious classic Greek recipes presented in a simple and easy-to-follow manner for all level at-home chefs.

Discover how to cook some of the most popular, authentic Greek recipes including tiropita (cheese pie), dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), pastitsio (macaroni pie), spanakopita (spinach pie), moussaka (eggplant and ground beef pie), Greek meatballs, loukoumades (Greek donuts), tzatziki (cucumber yogurt dip), souvlaki (meat skewers), galaktoboureko (milk pie), Greek style octopus, baklava, and many more mouth-watering Greek recipes.

Greek cuisine can seem intimidating, but chef Pemi makes it easy! With a culinary arts degree, experience teaching Greek cooking classes, and thousands of hours in her yiayia’s (grandmother’s) kitchen, chef Pemi brings a unique perspective with her flavor profile, instructions, and beautiful full-page photos of each dish.

As an added bonus, the food forum on Worldwide Greeks provides an additional resource for recipe clarification, variation ideas, and the opportunity to ask chef Pemi and other food experts your recipe-related questions.
About the Authors 

Pemi Kanavos is a classically-trained pastry chef with a culinary arts degree who loves to feed people and share her Greek culture and cuisine. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and moved with her family to Athens, Greece, when she was 10. Pam returned to Boston for college, earning a degree in Graphic Design. Pam’s love of cooking ran so deep that she decided to go back to school where she earned a second degree in Culinary Arts. She has worked at various food establishments around Boston, wrote a column on a Greek cooking blog, and taught Greek cooking classes for several years. Having moved back and forth between Boston and Athens, Pemi has now settled in Athens Greece, with her husband and son.

Worldwide Greeks was established in 2005 as an online forum website written in English about Greek food, Greek travel, and Greek culture. More than 490,000 people have visited the very popular Greek food forum on the Worldwide Greeks website, where people can share Greek recipes and ask questions about Greek food. Additionally, Worldwide Greeks has more than 250,000 loyal social media followers who lover Greek food, Greek travel, and Greek culture. Visit, where you can join the community (it's free!). Be sure to also follow Worldwide Greeks on social media:

Free online: Love in Winter Wonderland from the NYPL


Free online: Love in Winter Wonderland, a discussion with prize-winning children/YA author Abiola Bello about the YA Christmas romance Love In Winter Wonderland. Hosted online by the Pelham Parkway-Van Nest Branch of the New York Public Library. Tuesday, December 5, 3:30 - 4:30 PM EST. 

"Libraries: The medicine chest of the soul." ~Library at Thebes, inscription over the door

The Site by Carlos Valrand

Book of the Day

London schoolteacher Cicely Denfeld experiences vivid and disturbing dreams that inexplicably follow two Americans she has never met, Charles Ryder and Vivian Venables, as they investigate a secret document taken from a government contractor. Cicely, with the help of Dr. McClellan, a psychiatrist, seeks to understand the bizarre dreams that plague her. Meanwhile, Charles and Vivian follow a perilous trail of hidden knowledge and uncover long-withheld secrets that bring them closer to a concealed site and visitors from far away. 4.1 stars, 15 ratings. From $1.49 SHOP NOW

The Alaska Job by Vince Milam

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Join Case Lee on a heart-pounding journey, tracking ancient secrets and a billion-dollar treasure as spies, assassins, and ruthless rivals push him to the limit. From enigmatic Buddhist monks to the desolate arctic islands once inhabited by Russian fur traders to the unforgiving terrain of Alaska’s wilderness, every step is a test of survival. The standalone 12th novel of the Case Lee Series from bestselling author Vince Milam. 4.16 stars, 2120 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

The Cure by K.J. Kalis

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Journalist Kat Beckman is dragged into a maze of blackmail, murder, and treason when a man she doesn’t know offers her the cure for her mother-in-law’s cancer. The price is high: Reveal what she knows about a classified operation in Afghanistan or watch someone she loves die. It’s an impossible decision…one Kat has no choice but to make. A Kat Beckman Thriller, Book One. 4.3 stars, 1000+ ratings. From $1.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

FREE - Lady Mage by Toni Cabell

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Pride and Prejudice meets Lord of the Rings in this B.R.A.G. Medallion Winner! Linden may be a Master Mage, but her warnings about dark magic go unheeded until a fay scout delivers shocking news. Mordahn is back, and he’s exploiting the sacred places of power to fuel his war machine. Linden must team up with Mordahn’s arrogant nephew to stop the dark mage and save their homeland before time runs out. “Intense and exciting, filled with magical adventure, personal struggle, and romance.” -Amazon Review. Book 2 in the Serving Magic Series. 4.4 stars, 132 ratings. FREE - SHOP NOW

Where's Chuckawalla Bill's Cabin? by Kevin Heaton

Memoir and Creative Nonfiction

This is the true tale of being lost in the Hi-Desert of California. This recount of a horrifying ordeal tasks you, the reader, with Heaton's perilous thirty hour Hi-Desert hike during which you will experience every known human emotion; from anticipation to desperation to the redemption one can find in the healing waters of life's simpler things. Legends can captivate with an aura of mystery, urging us to uncover the truth or find our own in the art of self-expression. 4.3 stars, 150 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

The Angelic Realm by Dennis Macy

General Nonfiction

Discovering The Spiritual World and It's Healing Powers. “If you’re looking for direction, inspiration, or even comfort; read this book!” -Amazon review. Are you fascinated with the spiritual world? Experience the awe and wonder of heaven and become inspired by the true stories and revelations that are revealed to me to deliver to others. Engulf yourself into a peaceful, uplifting, and mystifying read. 4.5 stars, 184 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

FREE - The Billionaire's Wife by Stacy-Deanne and Venus Ray


Billionaire media mogul Ethan Stone is accustomed to having the world at his fingertips. But when Charles Gardner and his associates refuse Ethan's generous offer for him to buy their streaming service, Ethan, determined to close the deal, turns to his alluring wife, Sonya, who no man can resist. 4.0 stars, 33 ratings. FREE - SHOP NOW

Stories that uplift & inspire the soul from Kelly Thacker


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the work of Kelly Thacker, an author who delights in letting "characters take on a life of their own," which she says gives her no choice but "to keep your fingers on the keyboard, hang on, and watch what happens." Her ultimate goal: Stories that uplift and inspire the soul.

Read on to learn about I'll Tell You What I Think, the amusing biography of a self-important cat, and Numberless Dreams, a tale of romantic suspense.

I'll Tell You What I Think

Genre: Humor
Recent release: September 2023
Paperback: $11.99
Ebook: $4.99  

The amusing autobiography of a self-important cat, written from his sophisticated and cynical point of view.

Thor is not your average cat. Suave, cool, man-about-town, he shares his observations of the people and pets in his household. Left on the doorstep as a newborn, his first order of business is establishing himself as the alpha male of the household. This is no problem with Maggie, the insecure family dog, but trying to convince the master of the family, the ultra-alpha male, proves to be more of a challenge.

Although Thor loathes dogs, his impatience with Maggie's insecurities compels him to teach her how to abandon her doubts and embrace life. And with the successful completion of the Maggie project, he plans on spending the rest of his life in total self-absorption. But when the mistress of the house loses a loved one, Thor feels a cracking of his heart, resulting in a closer look at his own selfishness.

I'll Tell You What I Think is an irreverent, humorous, and poignant story for animal lovers. Beyond eliciting laughter at Thor's ridiculous antics and unique voice, the book will tug at your heartstrings as it moves toward a surprising and tender ending.

"This book is absolutely hysterical, from the very first sentence down to the last. I quickly devoured it in a day, and my kids are currently fighting over who gets it next after they read the opening chapter to their friends and they all howled with laughter. This really is a book for all ages, but don’t be fooled—it is sharp and intelligently written." ~Lindsay Maxfield, author of Messages From the Stars

Numberless Dreams

Genre: Romantic Suspense
4.3 stars, 9 ratings on Amazon
Paperback: $14.99
Ebook: From $2.99  

A broken marriage, a second chance, a charge of attempted murder.

If you had one chance to convince your ex-husband you were not the distant and insecure woman who walked away five years ago, what would you say?

Autumn took a chance breaking into Jonathan's house. How could she make him understand she had been pretending to fall out of love with him to save his life?

She had mistakenly thought she could keep her past safely hidden during their whirlwind courtship and marriage, but it had only resurfaced as she relived the pain of her childhood at the hands of an abusive mother. Now, after spending the last five years exorcising her demons, she is ready to fight for a second chance.

Despite Jonathan’s best efforts to resist, he finds himself falling back in love with the raw vulnerability of this new Autumn. Holding nothing back, she shares the real truth behind her balancing act during the crumbling marriage she had desperately tried to keep together. After many cathartic talks examining their marriage and what went wrong, he is ready to trust her once again.

But when Jonathan is mysteriously poisoned and nearly dies, Autumn becomes the prime suspect. Fighting once again to save her marriage and her life, she takes a gamble on her chance for acquittal, knowing she might lose everything in the process.

"Kelly Thacker’s characters are deliciously flawed and compelling. She unfolds a story both sweet and tragic with such grace that I found myself completely, emotionally engaged. Initially a romance, it evolves through a personal journey of self-discovery, until finally it climaxes as a courtroom drama, with a breathless ending. Incredible!" ~Tres Hatch, internationally acclaimed speaker and author

About the Author
A lifelong lover of animals, Kelly Thacker lives with her husband in Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves books and believes that the best way to embrace that love is to write. She began her writing career in "middle age," inspired by the fact that Alan Bradley had written his first book, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, at age 70. Learn more at (where you can also sign up for her newsletter) and be sure to follow her online:

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"Remember that the most important thing is to try and love other people as much as they love you." ~David Sedaris, Holidays on Ice

A Shot at Justice by Karla M. Jay

Book of the Day

2023 NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite for Thriller. Wyatt Dardin is an artist and successful junkyard operator, with a girlfriend and two beautiful dogs. He believes his violent childhood is behind himuntil a child shows up with a broken arm and a story about his abusive father. Unable to stand idly by, he confronts the man and inadvertently kills him. This sparks a series of events that puts everything and everyone Wyatt holds dear in grave danger. Has his shot at justice been worth it? 4.4 stars, 74 ratings on Goodreads. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

FREE - Three Little Pigs and The Good Wolf by Avery Smart

Children and Young Adult

A contemporary children's book with a straightforward storyline and vibrant illustrations. The classic tale is skillfully retold, offering a fresh perspective on the timeless lesson of resourcefulness and trust. The wolf might not be as bad as what they told you about. FREE - SHOP NOW

Concealed by the Tide by Zara West

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

"I was so transfixed, I whipped through the pages." -Reader review. A wily bomber... A determined activist... A man with a secret… Uncompromising eco-activist Summer Avery has one mission—stop the Minas Basin tidal energy project and snag the EcoGreen directorshipand she won’t let her attraction to the enigmatic marine biologist Gil Moses get in her way. Meanwhile, Gil plans to catch the person sabotaging the project. But it doesn’t matter what Summer wants or what Gil plans...because there’s a killer coming for both of them. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

FREE - Short Italian Stories for Beginners by Lingo Melo

General Nonfiction

Embark on an exciting journey and learn Italian with 20 engaging short stories! As you dive into these engaging narratives, you'll effortlessly pick up new vocabulary, grasp essential grammar concepts, and gain valuable cultural insights into Italian culture. These stories will help you have meaningful conversations with native Italian speakers, bridging the language gap and immersing yourself in a rich cultural exchange. FREE - SHOP NOW

'Tis the Damn Season by Kimi Freeman


A Hollywood starlet caught in a scandal. The boy she never got over. A Christmas season they’ll never forget. 
Told in a dual timeline and inspired by the Taylor Swift song of the same title, ‘Tis the Damn Season is a charming new contemporary romance destined to break your heart and put it right back together. "A delightful romp through our favorite holiday tropes." -Courtney Kae, author of In the Event of LoveFrom $1.99 SHOP NOW

At Her Pleasure by Joey W. Hill


Ten years ago, Mick should have arrested the drunk, angry woman vandalizing a cemetery. Instead, on that cold night, he yielded to her pain and rage, and let her go. Now a former cop, he's come to New Orleans on business, which brings him face-to-face with the woman he never forgot. "Hill brings you into her world and you don't ever want to leave." -Wyldheart Reads. A Mistresses of the Board Room Series novel. From $5.99. SHOP NOW

Spotlight on The Fourteenth of September by Rita Dragonette


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on The Fourteenth of September by Rita Dragonette, an enthralling historical novel set during the peak of the Vietnam War and told through the rare perspective of a young woman who traces her path to self-discovery and a “Coming of Conscience.”

"A moving tribute to lives altered by chance." ~Foreword Clarion Reviews

The Fourteenth of September: A Novel

Genres: Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction
4.2 stars, 316 ratings on Goodreads
4.3 stars, 212 ratings on Amazon
4.7 stars, 21 ratings on BookBub
Paperback: From $11.79
Ebook: $4.99  

"A strong-hearted and authentic novel about a naive young girl and her struggle to reconcile the dissonance between the world she sees and the world she was raised to believe in." ~Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean

On September 14, 1969, Private First Class Judy Talton celebrates her nineteenth birthday by secretly joining the campus anti-Vietnam War movement. In doing so, she jeopardizes both the army scholarship that will secure her future and her relationship with her military family. But Judy’s doubts have escalated with the travesties of the war. Who is she if she stays in the army? What is she if she leaves?

When the first date pulled in the Draft Lottery turns up as her birthday, she realizes that if she were a man, she’d have been Number One―off to Vietnam with an under-fire life expectancy of six seconds. The stakes become clear, propelling her toward a life-altering choice as fateful as that of any draftee.

Judy’s story speaks to the poignant clash of young adulthood, early feminism, and war, offering an ageless inquiry into the domestic politics of protest when the world stops making sense.

Praise for The Fourteenth of September
"The ebb and flow between a nineteen-year-old’s mistakes, vulnerability, and surprising moments of insight ring achingly true." ~Foreword Clarion Reviews

"An often fresh take on the collegiate anti-war movement in small-town America." ~Kirkus Reviews

"Beautifully written with compassionate and thoughtful narrative and engaging characters who play out all the angst of the era set on a Midwestern college campus when America was at its most vulnerable. Dragonette show us what we can be, both in our best and our worst." ~Windy City Reviews

"A new and unique perspective of the politically divisive Vietnam War." ~Midwest Book Review

"A moving book on this time in history from a rarely heard point of view." ~Historical Novel Society

"A writer of great talent and integrity who infuses this debut work with an energy and vision that lifts it far beyond the ordinary coming-of-age story. This is an important book, not to be missed." ~Gary D. Wilson, author of Getting Right and Sing, Ronnie Blue

"A terrific book for anyone who enjoys American history, women’s lit...or simply a great story." ~Josh Lohrius, author of The Breaking of Goody Boothe

"A novel for those of us who look back and marvel at the profound decisions we were called upon to make when we were so young, [and] for a whole new generation facing the crucial questions of a turbulent, changing world that will define them." ~Barbara Shoup, author of Looking for Jack Kerouac and An American Tune

About the Author
Rita Dragonette is a writer who, after a career telling the stories of others as an award-winning public relations executive, has returned to her original creative path. Her critically acclaimed debut novel, The Fourteenth of September, is based upon her personal experiences on campus during the Vietnam War. She lives and writes in Chicago, where she also hosts literary salons to showcase authors and their new books to avid readers. Learn more at, sign up for her newsletter, and follow her online: