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Free online: Earth Week Speaker Series


Free online: Earth Week Speaker Series. Earth Day is April 22, and the SWBR design firm is sponsoring a weeklong speaker series on such topics as architecture, sustainability policy, community planning, and more. April 22 - 26. 

"Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known." ~Carl Sagan

I Never Said I Love You by Sarah Magee

Book of the Day

Liss Larkin and Nao Kao Inthavong hail from opposite corners of the world, yet their connection is immediate when they meet in graduate school and their bond deepensuntil Liss walks away without explanation. Twenty years later, they cross paths again and must reckon with the decisions they made years ago. Part travelogue, part love story, this book is a lovely study in friendship, forgiveness, and roads not taken that follows one woman's journey through her past and across the world. 4.7 stars, 23 ratings. From $9.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Four Months in Cuba by Luana Ehrlich

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

He thought it would be a simple rescue mission. He was wrong. Days after preventing an attack on the nation's capital, CIA operative Titus Ray arrives in Cuba on a mission to rescue a fellow operative from the hands of the Los Zetas drug cartel. It wasn’t a simple rescue mission. It was much more. More about his survival. More about his faith. More about himself. 4.8 stars, 1000+ ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Theater of Curses by Catherine Stine

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Shadow Salon detectives Luna and Celestine take on their second case, when Tim Calhoun insists his Conservatory of Theater Arts has been cursed. A red specter is terrorizing him, setting fires in the theater, even brutalizing him. To uncover clues, Luna uses her water magic and flight skills, while resisting her growing attraction to Tim. Celestine shares tips from her automatic drawings. If Luna fails to reach the realms, the conservatory will be shuttered, the curse will spread…and worse. From $3.99 SHOP NOW

The Last Humans by Gregory D. Little

Science Fiction and Fantasy

In humanity's last city, you're either consumed by a monster or you become one. Sheltered in their fortress, the last humans are assailed from without by alien invaders and from within by a disease mutating every citizen. After her best friend’s death, Ward Chief Iazmaena Delgassi vows to restore safety by running for magistrate. If Iaz fails, humankind will be a thing of the past. Mutagen Deception Book 1. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Treachery Unmasked by Dorian Rockwood

Children and Young Adult

Sammy is a child actor in 1942 Hollywood reaching the end of his career as a juvenile performer. His mother tries to get him a new contract, but the plan falls apart when she is arrested for passing counterfeit money. Desperate to save his career, Sammy begins his own investigation, and ends up uncovering a Nazi plot to destroy the United States economy—and him, if he gets in the way. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Savage Peril by Emily Jane Trent

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Dr. Lori Waters grieves over the deaths of her parents...especially the suspicious circumstances of her father’s death. She investigates to determine if he was murdered, but an enemy has much to gain by getting her out of the way. With few allies and surrounded by danger, Lori chases down a killer. But she isn’t alone. A Navy SEAL heartthrob vows to be her protector, and she falls in love at the worst possible time. 4.5 stars 151 ratings. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Bury Aunt Carrie by Grace Anderson

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

At their Great Aunt Carrie’s funeral, ten-year-old Lindsay, her sister, Cassie, and her cousin, Piper, learn of a family curse that had been lying dormant for decades and has been brought to the surface by their Aunt Carrie’s death. In order to save the world from impending doom, the girls must employ the help of their teenage cousin, Jessica, to steal the hearse from the church lot and embark on a cross country road trip to bury their departed aunt on hallowed ground before it’s too late. From $2.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

The Trouble with Arthur by DC Chase

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

On the night of his high school graduation party, Artie is excited about moving on to college but still reeling from the disappearance of his best friend two weeks earlier. Artie’s 21-year-old stepsister, Gina, makes a surprise appearance at Artie's party, and though they are attracted to each other, does Gina really care for Artie or is she using him for sinister purposes? A cross between American Pie mixed and a James Patterson novel, Artie's story is filled with twists and turns that will keep you on edge until the very last page. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

A Measure of Rhyme by Lloyd Jeffries

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

An explosive tale of love and survival. "Heart-pounding." ~Publishers Weekly. Rhyme Carter has a problem: she’s married to the Antichrist, but her heart belongs to Emery, a man who wakes in a hospital to find the woman he loves betrayed him. Swept away on a drug-fueled tsunami of madness and mayhem, Emery plummets further into addiction, misery, and the machinations of immortal madmen. But Rhyme has plans to thwart her evil husband and reclaim her life. Can a former librarian save the planet and the man she loves? BookLife Prize Semi-Finalist. 4.6 stars, 32 ratings. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Spotlight on RomComs from author J Rose Black


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the work of J Rose Black, author of romantic comedy and romantic suspense, including three RomComs that are currently either 99 cents or free!

  • Losing My Breath: A Marine never says die. Neither does his princess.
  • Chasing Headlines: Baseball is her family’s business. But it’s his whole world.
  • Off the Record: On the record, she's the world's most annoying reporter. Off the record, she's the one he can't let get away.
Read on to learn more!

Losing My Breath

Genres: Romantic Comedy, Humor, Feel-Good Fiction
4.4 stars, 1000 ratings on Goodreads
Paperback: $9.99
Ebook: $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

A Marine never says die.

Neither does his princess.

Battle lines are drawn when sheltered debutante Meridian Daly moves across the hall from grumpy veteran Marine Callan Brand. Situated a bit closer than advertised to "crime alley," Meridian’s neighbor finds himself grudgingly guarding the pampered princess out of habit. But with her sharp wit and killer curves, he can’t help but surrender to temptation…

When their relationship evolves from casual courtship to something more, Callan finds that Meridian has already discovered his closely guarded secret. But can he let go of his pride and tell her the whole truth of who he is and what he’s done—in the name of honor and country?

As Callan’s scars start to reveal themselves, his life spirals beyond the careful control that's helped him survive—and kept those he cares about safe.

From him.

Praise for Losing My Breath

  • "A powerful and emotionally resonant story that will leave you breathless. It's a tale of love, sacrifice, and the battle against one's own demons, ultimately culminating in the discovery of hope and redemption." ~Literary Titan
  • "It is very rare to read a love story that does not have a rinse-and-repeat cycle, but Losing My Breath is far from the normal romantic tale." ~Readers' Favorite

Chasing Headlines

New release: Coming December 3, 2024
Genres: Humorous American Literature, Women's Humorous Fiction
Ebook: $0.99

Baseball is her family’s business.

But it’s his whole world.

When Breslin Cooper's major league dreams go up in flames, he's left with his backup plan: college baseball in Vanquer, Texas. But his public altercation with a reporter saddles him with mandated community service, therapy, and a toxic "Storm Cooper" reputation.

Liv Milline’s family name is practically synonymous with baseball. Yet despite her love for the game (the tight pants aren't bad, either) and her dreams of becoming a baseball scout, her father holds one ironclad rule: No baseball for Olivia. (The corollary: no baseball players for Olivia is just downright mean.)

Her one loophole? Playing beat reporter for Texas State Tech.

Chasing similar dreams, Liv attempts to befriend Breslin. But the amazingly talented pain-in-her-aperture has only two words to say whenever she's around: No comment.

But the troubled ballplayer’s running on overload. Still emotionally wounded from his mother’s death, the only time Breslin seems close to "okay" is on the ballfield. Liv and Breslin's new teammates can’t seem to get through.

When a lapse in judgment catches Breslin in a real-world rundown, jeopardizing his parole and his baseball scholarship, his only choice may be to rely on Liv—the aggravating, attractive, not-even-human reporter.

Can they find common ground, or will the last flame of Breslin’s life-long dream flicker out?

FREE - Off the Record

Genres: Romantic Comedy, Humor, Feel-Good Fiction
4.1 stars, 24 ratings on Goodreads
Ebook: FREE!

On the record, she's the world's most annoying reporter.

Off the record, she's the one he can't let get away.

Breslin Cooper worked his whole life for a chance to play in the big leagues. On the fateful day of his Major League Baseball debut, the talented rookie is reunited with the one who got away: Olivia Milline, a woman with big dreams of her own...

“So, tell me, on the record,” Olivia crossed her arms and turned to face him. Her short white skirt glowed in the sunlight. Her sleeveless top gapped at the neck, unbuttoned to just above her breasts. And I didn’t think this day could get any better.

“What are your team's chances this season with Rodriguez out and you at third?”

He glanced down at her long, tan legs. Give it up, Cooper. You know better. He shook off the question and started toward the locker room again.

She matched his stride.

Saw that coming. You know she won’t give up. He sighed. “Off the record. Tell me why you’re here?”

About the Author

J. Rose Black weaves stories about obsession, redemption, and the transcendental power of love. From her early days writing fanfiction for a passionate following of international readers, to crafting novels with her own characters, Rose has always been drawn to broody protectors and plucky, no-nonsense women ready to fight for what they believe in. 

Learn more at Also, sign up for her VIP newsletter via her website or when you download a free copy of Off the Record. Finally, be sure to follow her online!

Free online Sunday: The Back Room


Free online: The Back Room. LitNuts often recommends The Back Room events because of their unique format: Each event starts with a short introduction to a panel of four authors. The audience is then divided into four breakout rooms. Everyone’s video is turned on and their mics are unmuted, allowing for informal, face-to-face discussion. It’s all very relaxed and casual and fun—like a virtual cocktail party! This week's authors are Rene Denfeld, Paul Doiron, Nick Medina, and Robin Peguero. Sunday, April 21, 6 - 8 PM CDT.

"Hear no evil, speak no evil, and you won’t be invited to cocktail parties." ~Oscar Wilde

Strangers and Angels by Gabe Reaume

Book of the Day

A collection of stories about life, making a living, and living life to the fullest. It's also a reminder that it is in the little moments that we impact a person's life. From early days in rural America, to an unusual friendship as a young man with a woman old enough to be his grandmother, to an account of rising through the ranks in his chosen profession, these stories introduce an interesting cast of characters and a heart-warming look at what the world can bring you if you work hard and stay open to the unexpected. 4.9 stars, 27 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Starship Freedom - Super Box Set by Daniel Arenson

Science Fiction and Fantasy

The Starship Freedom is just a museum ship. Until the aliens attack! Get the Starship Freedom super box set: Four complete novels of military science fiction and space opera from the USA Today bestselling author of Earthrise. For fans of Battlestar Galactica and Starship Troopers. "Nonstop action!" ~Vine Voice Review. 4.3 stars, 589 reviews. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Journey to the Dark Galaxy by Hannah D. State

Science Fiction and Fantasy

A mysterious signal from deep space. Mischief and murder at a military base. As Sam desperately navigates a maze of lies and dark secrets, she finds herself at the heart of a dangerous journey and discovers that it will take much more than her courage and power to save humanity. An Amazon #1 Best Seller in Teen & Young Adult Spy Story eBooks. 5.0 stars, 10 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Black Seagull by Rinat Klein

Literary Fiction and Poetry

Tamara Atias, a Russian-born single mother and forensic fingerprint expert from Israel, teeters on the brink of unraveling a gripping murder mystery in Russia. With only a single fingerprint as her clue, she embarks on a quest to unearth buried secrets and confront the ghosts that haunt her. Black Seagull goes beyond the typical detective narrative, evolving into a profound family saga spanning generations. Murder is just the beginning. 4.2 stars, 26 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Kissing Vicious by Brooklyn Ann


Kinley Black is dying to get back into the music industry. She gets her chance when her interview with Quinn Mayne, lead singer of her favorite band, Viciöus, goes off the rails. If she can beat up a pervy roadie, she can have his job. Kinley has no problem with hard work or being one of the guys. But fighting her attraction to Quinn is a bigger challenge. For his part, Quinn can't help being impressed by Kinley's determination, nor can suppress his urge to make her his. 4.3 stars, 299 ratings. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Where's Chuckawalla Bill's Cabin? by Kevin Heaton

Memoir and Creative Nonfiction

Few adventurers have ever gone missing in the Joshua Tree National Park Wilderness Area and lived to tell us their story. How does one become so hopelessly lost? Find out in this true tale of despair and perseverance. From the onset of this ill-fated walkabout, you will see what the author sees and feel what he feels. Heaton is not likely to make it out of the desert alive, but you will find yourself hoping against hope that he does. 4.3 stars, 173 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

FREE - Capitalism, Freedom and Society by Theodorus Frost

General Nonfiction

Using video games as a reflection of society, capitalism and freedom is a good way to illustrate the effects of capitalism. Raising awareness and reasoning about important problems in society is the major goal of this book. The first part of this book uses video games as a reflection of society, capitalism and freedom. The second part covers the effects of capitalism on freedom and society. The third part discusses communication and languages. FREE - SHOP NOW

The Journey by George Drummer

Children and Young Adult

This is a transformational journey of George, a puppy that gets separated from his family and uses love and determination to find his way back home. Throughout his challenging journey, George gains mysterious human abilities and bumps into an old friend who helps George reunite with his owners. This story is a great read for the adventurous and open-minded, and is a lesson on acceptance. $18.95 SHOP NOW

New release: Saving Raine by Marian L. Thomas


New release! Congratulations to author Marian L. Thomas on the release of Saving Raine, a profound tale of resilience and redemption. Read on to learn more!

"Thomas's potent voice and unique perspective have solidified her place in the literary world." ~Midwest Book Review

Bonus: Saving Raine includes discussion questions for book clubs!

Saving Raine

New release: April 16, 2024
Genres: Literary Fiction, Coming of Age Fiction, Family Life Fiction, Women's Domestic Life Fiction, Black & African American Literary Fiction, Contemporary Literary Fiction, Clean & Wholesome Romance
Hardcover: $24.99
Paperback: $15.99
Ebook: $3.99  

Raine Reynolds stands at the crossroads of despair and opportunity.
When the life you've built crumbles and the past refuses to release its grip, sometimes you need a fresh start—a new beginning that promises hope and redemption.
Once a celebrated author, Raine's life unraveled, sending her fleeing to the picturesque streets of Paris to escape the tormenting heartache that threatened to consume her. Yet, no matter how far she traveled, the pain remained her unwelcome companion.
Returning to bustling Atlanta as a senior VP for an ad agency, Raine is forced to confront a city steeped in memories she'd rather forget. But as life would have it, an old friend resurfaces, offering a glimmer of healing in the midst of her turmoil. Can she summon the courage to trust once more?
In a world where everyone yearns for the saving grace of love, Raine is no exception. Her story is a testament to the enduring human spirit, a reminder that a path to love can be found even in the face of the darkest storms.

Praise for Saving Raine

  • "Thomas delivers smooth, evocative storytelling, portraying the raw realities of challenging experiences while also capturing the healing power of love." ~Kirkus Reviews
  • "The author holds the reader's attention right to the last page of this book, with an unexpected ending. It was a joy to read this inspirational story. This book is well worth more than one read." ~B. Longu, Readers' Favorite
  • "A powerful tale that follows one woman's journey as she faces a difficult crossroad, unsure of which path to take. Through determination, perseverance, and a little luck, she discovers her true purpose and the strength to overcome any obstacle. Marian L. Thomas is a fantastic author who has created a story that shows one woman's hardships. This book is a testament to her talent as a writer. You'll be captivated from the first page and taken on a ride full of intense emotions that will leave you breathless.." ~Midwest Book Review

About the Author
Marian L. Thomas wouldn’t say that her first career choice was writing novels. She saw herself working as a journalist for a local newspaper. In college, she served as a sports editor for the student paper, and later as the news editor. But Marian’s writing path took a detour when she drafted her first completed manuscript. Now, she can’t imagine not crafting stories for women that bring characters to life—characters who face real obstacles, cross difficult barriers to find love, and discover all the wonderful possibilities that life can offer.

Marian has been featured on NBC, CBS and Fox television, and in many print and online publications, including USA Today. Originally from Illinois, Marian currently resides in Atlanta with her husband, enjoys a big bowl of popcorn every night, and believes that pasta should be a vegetable. Learn more at, and be sure to also follow her online:

Free online: Strong Women, Strange Worlds


Free online: Strong Women, Strange Worlds. Join this First Friday/Third Thursday event, which is essentially a "tasting menu" of science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories. Each session features six authors who will each have eight minutes to tempt and tantalizing you with their reading. Thursday, April 18, 6 - 7 PM CDT. 

"Certain places seem to exist mainly because someone has written about them." ~Joan Didion

The Hunted by Tayla Holborow

Book of the Day

Sixteen-year-old Jennifer Wolfe is faced with an impossible decision: watch her family succumb to a deadly fate in the President's regime or attempt to unravel and reveal a web of secrets and bring down his oppressive dictatorship. Unwilling to give in, and with her time running out, Jen is forced to make decisions that weigh love against survival and soon realizes if she's going to win, she'll need to find the courage to face her deepest fears. Survival is Jen's middle name, but taking on the President is a deadly game. 4.7 stars, 25 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

The Woman Beneath the Stairs by Christopher Greyson

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Ally’s perfect marriage to Tim Hawthorne is crumbling under the weight of one trial after another. Forced to visit Tim’s mother on her secluded island off the coast of Maine, Ally uncovers a sinister secret: years ago, a member of the family was the prime suspect in a young woman’s disappearance from the same island. Ally digs into all the dark secrets of the Hawthorne family’s past, but what she discovers may cost her more than her marriage—it may cost her life. 4.3 stars, 246 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Saving Raine by Marian L. Thomas

Literary Fiction and Poetry

Join Raine Reynolds on an inspiring journey through the turbulent waters of her past as she battles adversity, loss, and the quest for redemption. Saving Raine is an inspirational novel about unwavering resilience and the redemptive power of love. It's a story that reminds us all that even in the darkest of times, hope can be found, and the human spirit can rise above any challenge. From $3.99 SHOP NOW