Spotlight on the Will Harper Mystery Series from author David Crosby


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the work of author David Crosby, creator of the Will Harper Mysteriesa series in the grand tradition of marina-living private investigators like John D. McDonald’s Travis McGee and Randy Wayne White’s Doc Ford. 

Sanibel Wind (new release!): the calm before the storm...and an island's fate hangs in the balance...

Will Harper Florida Thrillers: Vol. 1-4 (FREE!): 4.6 stars, 1800+ ratings

Sanibel Wind

NEW RELEASE: February 14, 2024
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Action, Adventure
Paperback: $14.95
Ebook: $2.99 

In the explosive tenth chapter of the Will Harper Mystery Series, the tranquil retreat of Florida sleuth Will Harper and his love, Luna, turns into a tempest's epicenter when fugitives Birdie and Rufus unwittingly enter the eye of the storm.

As Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc on Sanibel Island, Harper must navigate treacherous waters to rescue the stranded. For fans of John D. MacDonald and aficionados of crime mysteries by Dawn McKenna and Wayne Stinnett, Sanibel Wind is a seafaring odyssey where Harper races against time, unraveling the unpredictable currents of love, deception, and Florida's tumultuous underworld.

In this electrifying adventure, the winds of justice and chaos converge, testing Harper's resilience and determining the fate of an island. Can Will weather this storm, or will the secrets of Sanibel be forever lost to the winds? Dive into this tropical thriller, where suspense surges like a tidal wave, and the pulse of danger beats with every turn of the page.

Will Harper Florida Thrillers: Vol. 1-4

Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Action, Adventure
4.6 stars, 1800+ ratings
Ebook: FREE

“Start the boat. We've gotta get rid of this body!"

The Will Harper Mystery Series opens with a bang and never stops thanks to the protagonist, a semi-retired reporter and burgeoning sleuth who lives aboard his yacht in the Florida Keys when he’s not solving hard-boiled murder mysteries. This box set includes four complete novels: 

  • Million Dollar Staircase: Will thinks fast when he discovers his girlfriend is the victim of a frame-up. He sees instantly why they can’t go to the cops—the mayor, the city manager, and for all Will knows, every official in town could be in on it.
  • Guilty Money: The Grove County police department is arresting citizens for minor charges and then driving up their bail when a search of the citizen’s home too conveniently turns up drugs. When Will finds out crooked cops are behind the scam, it seems every cop in town is out to get him.
  • Florida Burning: A toxic algae bloom in Lake Okeechobee... a deadly pollutant from a cane field...and a dead environmentalist. Coincidence? Florida PI Will Harper knows damn well it’s not.
  • The Florida Shuffle: A Florida "sober" home has lost three of its patients to “accidental” overdoses in the past four months. When WiIl investigates, he finds it's just the tip of the iceberg.

About the Author
David Crosby is a bestselling author who creates unputdownable Florida-based thrillers. His books feature strong social justice themes in tropical settings. David brings extensive knowledge and love of boats to crafting his own compelling characters and settings, tackling topics such as eminent domain abuse, jail/bail scams, opioids, human trafficking, pollution, and senior citizen rip-offs as his protagonist cruises the Florida Gulf coast. Learn more at his website, sign up for his newsletter, and be sure to follow him online: 

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