Lessons on Grieving & Finding Meaning After Loss


As we approach Valentine's Day, many people are focused on plans with loved ones. But what if your loved one is gone? 

There are 15 million widowed men and women in the United States. There are many more who have lost a significant other outside of marriage. Valentine's Day and other holidays can be very difficult times for the survivors. 

Fortunately, there are brave people who have found their way through difficult times and shared their stories in order to help others not only survive but to also have meaningful, fulfilling lives and to look forward to the future. Today, we are featuring three books written by two such people:
Living with a Dead Man
Living with a Grieving Heart
The Best is Yet to Come

Living with a Dead Man by Marianne Bette

From $3.99

Sitting in an oncologist’s waiting room is one of life’s more sobering experiences. The first thing that hit Dr. Marianne Bette was that she was there, not as a doctor, but as a cancer patient’s wife.

It didn’t matter that she was a family practitioner, or that her husband, Thom, was a death and dying therapist. Cancer, and all that went with it, had found them.

This story shares their journey as they faced the most difficult challenge of their life together, and the beauty they discovered along the way in family, friends, and living.

Living with a Grieving Heart by Marianne Bette

From $4.99 

Losing someone you love is hard. But when the dust settles and the pain starts to fade, grief can surprise you in stark and subtle ways. A few bars of a tune, a faint hint of perfume, a brief glimpse of a stranger in a crowd can bring your loss crashing in.

But there are also lessons we can learn from grief. It’s not all pain. It can also bring appreciation: for the love you had, for the people who support you, for the life you still have ahead of you. You can live with a grieving heart.

And as you pick yourself up, made subtly stronger by grief, you find more clarity of purpose, more appreciation for others, and more desire to live your life fully. You become a grief warrior.

That’s what Dr. Marianne Bette calls herself. A grief warrior. She is no stranger to grief and the transformation it brings. Let her teach you how to embrace life again using her personal experiences with grief as well as those from others she has met during her forty years practicing family medicine.

The Best is Yet to Come by Tara Alemany

From $3.99 

After twelve years of living alone as a single parent, Tara hadn’t expected to find love again. So when Frank unexpectedly came into her life, the result of an errant e-mail, he turned her world upside down. Four months later, his unexpected death brought it to a crashing halt.

Join Tara on her journey as she shares the story of their time together and, more importantly, the lessons she learned as she rode waves of unanticipated love and grief to ultimately come to the strongest place she’d ever been in her life.

This true story will speak to and inspire anyone who has ever suffered the loss of a dream by showing how you too can change your perception of that loss from an anchor that holds you back into a beautiful gift that dares you to believe that the best is yet to come.

Includes discussion guides for book clubs and support groups.

About Marianne Bette

After forty years in family medicine, Marianne Bette is enjoying her retirement and spending time with her second husband, Gene. They have traveled around the United States in a truck camper, including to Alaska and back again to Southbury, Connecticut. Their trusty rescue dog, Buttons, is their constant companion and loves camping too. Marianne has also begun work on a third book, which includes the inspiring stories of some of her former patients. Learn more or contact Marianne via Emerald Lake Books

About Tara Alemany

Tara Alemany is a multi-award-winning author, speaker, business consultant, and publisher, as well as a recovering serial entrepreneur. Her boutique publishing company, Emerald Lake Books, specializes in working with positive people to create high-quality books designed to achieve the author’s goals. In her spare time, Tara serves as the host of the Publish with Purpose virtual summit and is a winemaker, a military Mom to two young adults (one of each), and is owned by a black cat. Learn more or contact Tara via Emerald Lake Books

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