Science Fiction & Fantasy Special Edition: 25+ New Worlds to Explore!

Welcome to the LitNuts 2023 Science Fiction & Fantasy Special Edition—our biggest selection ever, with everything from alien, AI, alternate history, parallel universe, apocalyptic, cyberpunk, dystopian, military, and humorous sci-fi to epic, mythic, romantic, heroic, dark, contemporary, urban, and sword and sorcery fantasy, including great choices for young adult reading. In other words, something for everyone! 

"While science fiction draws on and extrapolates from what we know about reality and science, fantasy invents what does not (and likely could not) exist in our reality. Categories do have their importance, but don’t feel hemmed in by them. Follow the characters and the action on the page and see where it takes you." ~Brandi Reissenweber, Gotham Writers

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