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Look 'N Up Invasion by Janice Carr Smith

Children and Young Adult

They appeared out of nowhere, from an unknown world. While fighting predators that attack every three years, the royal family of a tiny, primitive world is accidentally transported to a pomegranate farm in California. Desperate for help, the farm family hires the green-skinned strangers. Deep friendships form, but the predators have followed their prey. They’re hibernating on the farm, waiting to attack an unsuspecting Earth. It will take the diverse skills of both families to defeat them. “Entertaining and enlightening.” ~Book Trib. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

God's Eyes by Rev. Dr. Anne Hays Egan

Memoir and Creative Nonfiction

On sale! Literary Titan Gold Award Book. Get spiritual recharging during these challenging times. Called "captivating" and "a profound journey," this book shares insights about spiritual experiences that offer guidance. One reader shared that "this book comes me greater understanding, helping me on my difficult journey." For comfort, peace, hope, try it. 4.8 stars, 15 ratings. From $2.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Eternal Beloved by Mary Ellen Johnson


Successful contemporary romance publisher meets muscle-bound, and irritatingly surly, fourteenth-century knight in this historical time-travel romance by Mary Ellen Johnson. While true love may follow, its path has more twists and turns than the maze outside the haunted castle in which the knight resides. Part of the Travels Across Time series. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

FREE - Beauty and the Professor by Skye Warren


Once upon a time there was a beautiful college student... And a beastly professor with scars he can't hide. Erin cleans Mr. Morris's house twice a week to pay her tuition. The reclusive ex-soldier intimidates her, but she can't help but feel sympathy for him. Then she walks in on him and catches him by surprise one day. Book 1 of 2: A Modern Fairy Tale Duet. 3.9 stars, 2700 ratings. FREE - SHOP NOW

Free eBook: Bridge of Kings by Logan D. Irons


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on a free novella from author Logan D. Irons:

Bridge of Kings, an Oaths of Blood Saga novella

The Oaths of Blood Saga is a dark historical fantasy series. Book 1 is coming in May with more books in the series to follow. Get started on this new series with the free Bridge of Kings novella! 

Bridge of Kings

Genre: Dark Historical Fantasy
Ebook price: FREE download!

Two Kings. Two Warriors. A single crown.

Some men hold secrets that are far darker than war. An old oath obligates Ulf Bodvarsson to join King Harald Hardrada’s army of Norsemen, seeking to assert his claim to the English crown. Yet near Stamford Bridge, enemies await, seeking to fulfill their own oaths of blood. The struggle that awaits them all will decide who rules the isles and who dies.

The Oaths of Blood Saga promises to be perfect for fans of George R.R. Martin, Bernard Cornwell, Joe Abercrombie, John Gwynne, and Mark Lawrence. The free Bridge of Kings novella will whet their palette for the release of Oaths of Blood, Book 1 of The Oaths of Blood Saga, coming in May 2024.

“Akin to acclaimed grimdark author Joe Abercrombie's The Heroes, Irons' Bridge of Kings covers an entire skirmish between two forces, presenting a grim and bloody view of war through the perspective of an anti-hero berserker hell-bent on destroying anything and everything he comes across.” ~Readers’ Favorite 5-star review

"Thoroughly imaginative and visceral. Five stars." ~Eric Schumacher, author of God’s Hammer

Coming Soon
Watch for Oaths of Blood, Book 1 of The Oaths of Blood Saga, coming May 7, 2024 (pre-order now!), and for Sands of Bone and City of Wolves, coming soon!


About the Author
Logan D. Irons has traveled to more than 50 countries for both work and pleasure. He lifted weights in Arnold’s childhood gym in Austria, asked his wife to marry him in an abandoned castle in Ireland, bartered for jewelry in a Kuwaiti souk, drank beers and sang quite poorly German songs at Oktoberfest in Munich, and burned a Viking ship during Hogmanay in Edinburgh. 

Fantasy, historical fiction, and history novels dominate his library. In particular, the works of George R.R. Martin, Steven Pressfield, Bernard Cornwell, and Robert Jordan inspire his work. He currently resides in Virginia, a place with enough history to keep him busy until the end of time, with his wife, son, and a dog named Ronin the Barbarian. 

If he has free time, which is rare, Logan throws axes (usually at targets), is physically active, and loves taking his family on adventures. And he’s convinced his nieces he’s a werewolf…

Learn more at, sign up for his free newsletter, and be sure to follow him online: 

Free online: Uffizi Gallery Masterpieces


Free online: Uffizi Gallery Virtual Tour – The Unmissable Masterpieces Discover one of the oldest and most famous art museums in the world: the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. A professional guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Museum and its priceless masterpieces by Giotto, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Caravaggio, and many others. Thursday, March 21, 2 - 3 PM CDT.

"Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation...even so does inaction sap the vigour of the mind." ~Leonardo da Vinci

The First Rock Star On Mars by James DiNanno

Book of the Day

The book that teaches kids to shoot for the stars. And follow their wildest dreams on Earth...or even Mars. "A delightful and inspirational story for anyone with big dreams and even bigger imaginations." ~Reedsy Discovery. Don't miss the audiobook featuring Kellin Quinn, lead singer of Sleeping with Sirens, and an exclusive surprise song at the end performed by The First Rock Band on Mars which includes Kellin Quinn, Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo!, William Ryan Key of Yellowcard, and James DiNanno. 4.9 stars, 70 ratings. From $2.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Hampshire Stories by Joe Giampaolo

Literary Fiction and Poetry

"Hampshire Stories by Joe Giampaolo is a stellar collection of short stories!” ~Literary Titan, 2020. An award-winning collection of short stories set in nineteenth-century England, this compilation was written with the greatest attention to historical accuracy and is recommended for readers who enjoy charming love stories and poignant dramas of the Regency and Victorian periods. 4.4 stars, 47 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Building Communities of Hope by Rev. Dr. Anne Hays Egan

Memoir and Creative Nonfiction

Tired of all the bad news, violence, and stress? There are positive alternativespractical ways people bring more hope to energize themselves and others. Each of us, deep down, has the spirit and fire within to live in joy. This book is filled with real-life stories about people who are doing just thatliving large and making a huge difference. A Gold Award book with many rave reviews. Book Authority calls it one of the 20 best community-building books of all time. 4.8 stars, 73 ratings. From $2.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

The Girl and the Dragoness by Mari Valente

Children and Young Adult

"A feast for the eyes and the soul. It is sure to leave readers smiling and hugging their unique pets a little closer" ~Tania Staley for Readers’ Favorite. For Ellis, Lily was the best pet in the world, but not everyone agreed with that opinion... A book about imperfection, love, loyalty, courage, and being appreciated just as you are. A beautifully illustrated story told with a lot of humor and heart. Perfect for reading age 4 - 9, and certain to be loved by readers of all ages. From $5.43. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Fury: A Survival Horror Thriller by J. R. Andrews

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

In a world left ravaged by the fatal Charon pandemic, Thomas Woodford is the only man still alive, surrounded by starving vampires. Tom believed he had found a home of sorts among the clan of vampire lord Emily, but an unexpected attack sends him out on the road with vampire allies Ana and Lindsey to uncover the truth behind a troubling rumor. When a discovery upends everything he thought he knew about his post-Charon existence, can the world’s final human find a way to adapt and keep himself alive? From $5.97. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Hope for a New World by Renee W Peek

Science Fiction and Fantasy

We warned you the world would end and guess what...we were right. The Hopi people have long known this world will end, and the earth will be reborn into the fifth world. Maddison Bear's Heart, an environmental attorney, is sought out and chosen by those who speak to the earth and know her as a sentient being named Gaia. They ask Maddison to lead them through the coming of the fifth world. 4.3 stars, 30 ratings. From $1.99 SHOP NOW

Will Harper Florida Thrillers: Vol. 1-6 by David Crosby

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Immerse yourself in the heart of Florida's intrigue with Will Harper in this captivating collection of six thrillers. Follow the former investigative reporter turned detective as he tackles the state's most daunting mysteries, from political corruption to environmental disasters and beyond. Includes six complete novels: Million Dollar Staircase, Guilty Money, Florida Burning, plus three more thrilling adventures. 4.6 stars, 1900+ ratings. From $2.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

The Last Famine by Elisa Cristallo

Science Fiction and Fantasy

In 2080, world food shortages have led to famine, disease, and horrific inequality. Food arriving in Sydney, Australia, is controlled by Blue Line Transport and Security, but it’s not enough to keep the city from starving. Investigative journalist Ally Navarro is trying to expose the corruption that runs rampant in the food industry and recruits former Blue Line employee, Martin Ajen, to help her. But a chance meeting with the brilliant and revered scientist Dr. Ian Taylor makes her question her actions. From $2.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

The Wallflower's Midnight Waltz by Rose Pearson


Lady Alice's return to London's elite is marred by her father's disgrace. A chance dance with the Marquess of Sedgewick offers hope until he falls ill in her arms. Amidst scandal, they seek the illness's source, drawing closer to each other than society approves. Can they solve the mystery without losing their hearts? Book 2 in the Waltzing with the Wallflowers series. 4.4 stars, 97 ratings on Goodreads. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

FREE - Black Emerald by Reut Barak

Science Fiction and Fantasy

When a magically cursed amulet overpowers her, how will a fairy queen choose: slavery or death? Vivienne would do anything for a place among other fairies, even agree to an arranged marriage. But when a wedding gift―a magical amulet―starts to control her actions, the fairy is desperate to stop the mage who is behind it. Can she save herself and the man she’s come to love, before she faces a fate worse than death? Free download from the author. FREE download from the author. SHOP NOW

Mother Knows Best by Boris Bacic

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

She would do anything for her son. Even if it’s against his wishes. A married couple's life turns into a nightmare when the husband's mother moves in with them. 4.2 stars, 11 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Books to enrich your personal, community & spiritual lives from Rev. Dr. Anne Hays Egan


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the work of Rev. Dr. Anne Hays Egan, author of books that can help enrich your personal, family, community, and spiritual lives. 

"Hope is real. In these times, we can and we must find ways to fuel our belief in one another and make positive change together."
~Rev. Dr. Anne Hays Egan

Meet the Author
Anne is a high energy community building consultant and retired Presbyterian Minister and mindfulness practitioner. She has lived and traveled all over the world, and has found something special in the many cultures she has experienced. 

Anne’s books have received many rave reviews from readers, Gold Star Awards, and excellent editorial reviews. They have been called "a great read," "compelling," "inspiring and motivational," and "eye opening."  

Reviewers say reading Anne’s books is like having a conversation with her in her living room. Anne welcomes those conversations. Her books are about hope and making a positive difference in the world.

"Together, we can make a difference," says Anne—and that sentiment comes through loud-and-clear in her books:
  • Moving Mama is about how she and her family cared for her mother with Alzheimer’s. It took a village.
  • Building Communities of Hope is full of stories about how people can and do make positive change.
  • God’s Eyes is about a series of visions and God’s loving gift of pathways for all of us. "No matter where we live or our religious or spiritual practice, God has a path home for each of us," says Anne.  
Learn more about Anne and her work at and via her Amazon Author Page.

Read on to learn more about each of Anne's books.

Moving Mama: Taking Care of Mother During Her Final Years with Alzheimer's

Genres:  Eldercare, Aging Parents, Gerontology Social Sciences, Memoir
4.6 stars, 43 ratings
Paperback: $9.99
Ebook: ON SALE FOR $2.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Did you know 6.7 million people in the United States are living with Alzheimer's? Most of us need help, and this book has a lot to offer. Readers call it an excellent, practical resource for those of us who are caring for a loved one. Reviewers say the book is "a must for someone caring for an elder," "a page-turner," and "a compelling story that touched me deeply." They also said the book was "something I could not put down." It's a book that at its core speaks of hope. Add this to your toolkit! 

★★★★★ "A compassionate guide through Alzheimer's." ~Amazon Vine Voice Review 

★★★★★ "Valuable advice and strategies for navigating the complexities of elder care." ~Amazon Review

Building Communities of Hope: How People are Making Positive Change

Genres: Spiritual Self-Help, Happiness Self-Help, Religion & Spirituality
4.8 stars, 73 ratings
Paperback: $11.99
Ebook: ON SALE FOR $2.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Hope? You gotta be kidding me! Are you tired of all the bad news, violence, and stress? There are positive alternatives—practical ways people bring more hope to energize themselves and others. Each of us, deep down, has the spirit and fire within to live in joy. This book is filled with real-life stories about people who are doing just that—living large and making a huge difference. Rave reviews from more than 70 readers and editorial reviewers. Given a Gold Award from Literary Titan, and called one of the 20 Best Community Building Books of All Time by Book Authority. 

★★★★★ "A great book that guides readers toward building a strong community through good deeds. It is also a much-needed resource for self-healing from life’s challenges and advocating compassion, kindness, and love to support one another." ~Literary Titan, Gold Award

God's Eyes - A Vision for Us: Presence, Promise, and Power

Genres: Spiritual Self-Help, Motivational Self-Help, Religion & Spirituality
New Release: November 21, 2023
4.8 stars, 14 ratings
Paperback: $9.99
Ebook: ON SALE FOR $2.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Considered a transformative guide, God’s Eyes shares the author’s experience of a powerful vision in which she saw the world and its promise through God’s perspective. Great for seekers, those on a spiritual path, out-of-the-box thinkers, and all who want greater focus and purpose in their lives. This award-winning new release already has rave reader and editorial reviews. It is called a “great work,” “much needed in our world,” and “inspirational and enjoyable!"  

★★★★★ "A thought-provoking book that invites us to embrace the mystery of divine encounters, live in the slipstream of divine guidance, and contribute to a more compassionate world through small acts of kindness." ~Goodreads Review

★★★★★ "Tremendous help on my journey." ~Amazon Review

New release: Saving Face from Effy Redman and Vine Leaves Press


Congratulations to Effy Redman and Vine Leaves Press on the release of Saving Face, a memoir that pays tribute to anybody who has ever felt like an outsider

★★★★★ “When you own this book, you acquire the miracle that is both the human who embodies it and her art.” ~Catherine Filloux, award-winning playwright

Saving Face

NEW RELEASE: March 19, 2024
Genre: Memoir
Paperback: $17.99
Ebook: From $6.99  

What's in a smile? Or the absent smile? Saving Face is Effy Redman's thought-provoking answer.

Born with a rare condition of facial paralysis called Moebius Syndrome, Redman's grit and eye for beauty help her survive childhood bullying and adolescent doldrums. Her physical transformation at age thirteen via plastic surgery eviscerates her concept of image, just in time for her and her family to immigrate from hardscrabble Manchester, England to America's disorientingly scenic upstate New York. Not until diagnosis in young adulthood with bipolar disorder does Redman come out of the closet as a lesbian, finally claiming her most inherent identity.

Saving Face is a searing personal tribute to anybody who has ever felt like an outsider. This memoir honors the grace of a face that stands out in a crowd, defying societal beauty norms. Disability meets transcendence, suffering becomes hope, and the individual expands into community. The inability to smile, in Redman’s book, lights a window onto the human capacity for redemption.

Praise for Saving Face
★★★★★ "The unfurling of a highly entertaining and shocking memoir in which we are asked to face what happens when we are deprived of what we take most for granted." ~Catherine Filloux, award-winning playwright

★★★★★ "A profoundly beautiful, enthralling, and emotionally stirring tale." ~Goodreads Review

About the Author
Effy Redman’s writing investigates the intersection of disability and identity. She has work published in The New York Times, Vice, Ravishly, Chronogram, Berkeley Poetry Review, and Iron Horse Literary Review, among other places. She holds an MFA in Memoir from CUNY: Hunter College, where she received an Honorable Mention for the Helen Gray Cone Fellowship, and a BA in Literature/Drama from Bennington College, where she was an Ellen Knowles Harcourt Scholar and a Bennington Scholar. Learn more at
About the Publisher
Vine Leaves Press likes to blur the line between commercial and experimental works. They publish book-length vignette collections, writing reference books, short story collections, memoir/autobiography, and character-driven novels with a literary bent.​ Subscribe to the Vine Leaves Press newsletter to receive FREE advanced review copies of upcoming new releases, news about their authors and subscribers, and/or to read the monthly opinion column, SPILL IT! or a daily dose of 50-word stories. Learn more at

Free online: Blaney Lecture from the American Academy of Poets


Free online: Blaney Lecture. Join the American Academy of Poets for the 2024 Blaney Lecture: "Making the Invisible Visible: Poetry, Science, Perception-Increase, and Change" delivered by Jane Hirshfield, Chancellor Emerita of the Academy of American Poets. Tuesday, March 19, at 4:30 p.m. PT / 7:30 p.m. ET.

“Poetry is the lifeblood of rebellion, revolution, and the raising of consciousness.” ~Alice Walker

Exceptional Merit by George P. Norris

Book of the Day

Highly decorated NYPD Lieutenant James Keegan is living a double life. His secret: he's running guns to the Irish Republican Army. Exceptional Merit takes you from the back streets of Northern Ireland to the gritty streets of New York City, and from an IRA training camp to the inner workings of the NYPD. Keegan’s two lives come crashing together on New York’s largest stage, in front of a live televised audience, where Keegan must decide where his loyalty lies. A decision that cost him his family, his freedom, or his life! 4.3 stars, 390 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Soldiers of Earthrise: The Complete Series by Daniel Arenson

Science Fiction and Fantasy

War rages among the stars. Can Jon Taylor survive? The complete Soldiers of Earthrise series in one box set! Six entire novels. 2,000+ pages of heart-pounding science fiction from a USA Today bestselling author! Jon Taylor is an Earthling. He doesn't care much about space. At least until his brother dies on Bahay, a war-torn planet many light-years away. Can Jon avenge his brother? 4.3 stars, 182 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

The Runaway Betrothal by Daina Land


Fleeing from her father’s attempts to wed her to Robert Conley, a libertine all England loathes, Elinore flees her home in search of support from her aunt, Lady O’Duncy. Catching up with her in Brighton during the height of the summer season, the two ladies conspire to deflect her father’s scheme, clear her name from scandal, and protect her from a desperate man bent on making his fortune by ruining her. When her father’s well-laid plans get set into motion, Elinore’s matrimonial adventure takes flight. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

When a Stranger Comes... by Karen S. Bell

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Satisfying one's greed can come at a devilishly high cost. Author Alexa Wainwright is losing her mojo. Her latest works aren't selling like her internationally bestselling debut. She vows to do whatever it takes to get back to number one. As she makes this vow, suddenly a lightning bolt cracks across the cloudless sky transporting the clueless Alexa to an alternate universe. Here, the characters in her books are given the breath of life. From $2.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Mindfield by C.W. James

Children and Young Adult

“A thought-provoking, fast-paced, page-turner.” ~LitPik. A paranormal thriller for teens, this is the story of Matt and Trent, two friends born with the rare talent of telepathy, as they confront the mysterious Sokolov, a shadowy figure wanting to force them to use their unique powers to control others. Matt must use his telepathy in a new way if they are to have a chance to survive. “Riveting, well-written story...” ~U.S. Review of Books. From $1.48 SHOP NOW