Current Recommendations for Booklovers

Footnotes: The Black Artists Who Rewrote the Rules of the Great White Way by Caseen Gaines

General Nonfiction

"This musical introduced Black excellence to the Great White Way. Broadway was forever changed and we, who stand on the shoulders of our brilliant ancestors, are charged with the very often elusive task of carrying that torch into our present." -Billy Porter, Tony, Grammy, and Emmy Award-winning actor. Footnotes is the story of how Sissle and Blake, along with comedians Flournoy Miller and Aubrey Lyles, overcame poverty, racism, and violence to harness the energy of the Harlem Renaissance and produce a runaway Broadway hit that launched the careers of many of the Twentieth Century's most beloved Black performers. From $9.99 SHOP NOW

Over Her Wed Body by Alexia Adams


Beckett Samuelson has had enough stepmothers to spot a gold digger when he sees one. So when his ailing father announces his engagement to the private nurse he’s only known for two months—who’s also forty years his junior—Beckett has to step in. Corazon Dela Cruz sends every spare penny she earns to her family in the Philippines. Then her latest nursing client offers her $25,000 to fake an engagement to convince his overprotective son to return to work abroad. But as Corazon and Beckett spend more time together, she starts to develop very real feelings. Too bad she’s engaged to the wrong Samuelson. From $2.99 SHOP NOW

Starting May 16: Free online series w/Disney animator and author Dominick Domingo

Years ago, when I was running a small book publishing company, I published a collection of essays called Be There Now: Travel Stories from Around the World that featured an essay by a young author named Dominick Domingo. Dominick went on to work as an artist for Disney Feature Animation (working on Lion King, Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Little Match Girl and more) while also illustrating books for major publishers, writing his own books (YA Fantasy, Mythic Fiction and Magical Realism) and teaching others about creativity.

Starting Sunday, May 16, Dominick will be hosting a series of free online events called "Story & Image: Than Language of the Soul." Join Dominick for one session or for the entire series. It should be time well spent! 

"The creative adult is the child who survived." ~Ursula Leguin

Closer Than You Think by Lee Maguire

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

"A fantastic page-turner, Closer Than You Think satisfied my brain in so many ways." -Manhattan Book Review. Psychologist Dr. Bryce Davison feels he's becoming unhinged. Is he really being stalked, or is someone gaslighting him? Lives depend on answering these questions. "The active scenes are intense and well described thus allowing the reader to see things as though they were right there in the same room with the characters!" -Amazon review From $0.99 SHOP NOW

The Chinatown Murders by Pendelton C. Wallace

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

"Another great read from Pendelton C. Wallace. I find myself wishing there was another book to read about these characters as soon as I finish. If you are looking for entertaining fast paced actions this is the author for you." -Amazon review. Someone is attacking women in Seattle's Chinatown. Catrina Flaherty is on the case. From $3.99 SHOP NOW

Twice a Daughter: Search for Identity,Family,and Belonging by Julie Ryan McGue

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

"An engaging, endearing chronicle of a woman's quest to find her origins." -Kirkus Reviews. Julie's search for her birth relatives spans five years and involves a search agency, a PI, a confidential intermediary, a judge, an adoption agency, a social worker, and a genealogist. "Twice a Daughter is not just another tale of an adoptee's search for truth. This is a story about the discoveries that searching for the truth reveals, how it sets your heart free and offers the gift of love." -Linda Joy Myers, National Association of Memoir Writers From $8.69 SHOP NOW

The Darknet: Murder by Munchausen #2 by M.T. Bass

Science Fiction and Fantasy

“The author certainly took this book up a notch from its predecessor…[an] enjoyable cruise through gory crime scenes, killer robots, and a clever villain who always seems to stay one step ahead of his pursuers.” – Frank Frission Reviews. When androids are hacked and reprogrammed into hit men, Maddie and Jake investigate and track down the the cyberpunk hackers. But now, an evil genius is using droids to recreate the infamous Jack the Ripper murders. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

The Angelic Realm by Dennis Macy

General Nonfiction

"I could not put this wonderful book down!" -J. Dubrasky. Are you seeking comfort, healing, hope or inspiration? Do you believe in the afterlife? The true stories and revelations are heartening and enlightening as I take you into the realm with my visits, spiritual encounters and the messages that are being revealed to me to deliver to others. Escape today's problems and engulf yourself into The Angelic Realm for a peaceful mystifying read! "What a spiritually powerful read." -Amazon review From $0.99 SHOP NOW

An Introduction to Programming in JavaScript: Stomping Zombies with Variables, Loops, & Functions by John Rhea

General Nonfiction

New to programming? Want to learn JavaScript? Want to slow down the onslaught of the Apocalypse? This book will take you from zero programming knowledge to knowing the basics in the flick of a digital page (Okay, more than one digital page flick, but you get the idea). Plus silly zombie analogies and jokes. What more could you want? From $1.99 SHOP NOW

More online literary events for booklovers!

We are finding more and more online literary events that can be attended by anybody from anywhere. Most of these events are free. Here are a couple that look particularly interesting:

Steven Johnson on Extra Life, May 12, 7:00 p.m. central time: Steven Johnson, author of Extra Life: A Short History of Living Longer, will be interviewed by James Hamblin, MD, MPH. (Hosted by FAN - the Family Action Network)

Destress with the Stress Doctor, May 18, 1:00 p.m. pacific time: Spend an afternoon with author Dr. Ben Bernstein for a lively webinar about how to reduce your stress level right now! (Hosted by our friends at Familius)

"A light heart lives long." ~William Shakespeare

Home Fires by Jana Richards


Anne travels halfway around the world for love. But when she arrives in Canada from England at the end of World War II, she discovers the handsome pilot she'd fallen in love with has married someone else. Heartbroken, she prepares to return to London, but then her former fiance's mother makes a suggestion: marriage to her other son. Erik thinks he's a poor substitute for his brother. Although he loves Anne almost from the first time he sees her, he cannot believe she would ever be able to love him as he is. Anne sees the beauty of his heart, but can she prove to Erik that her love for him is real? From $0.99 SHOP NOW

The Lies She Wore by C.C. Hansen

Children and Young Adult

Cathryn hides her bruises beneath long sleeves, makeup, and lies. Her plan hinges on her staying invisible, but when a good-looking misfit shares her bookish interests, she can’t help falling for him. If she wants to help her mother escape, she can’t risk merging her double life, but the closer she gets to Gus, the harder it is to lie. When her father’s violence escalates to a dangerous new level, Cathryn must decide whether to stick to her plan or hope the truth will set her free. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

The Lesson by Cadwell Turnbull

Science Fiction and Fantasy

A Kirkus Reviews Best Books of the Year in Science Fiction and Fantasy (2019). An alien ship rests over Water Island. For five years the people of the US Virgin Islands have lived with the Ynaa, a race of superadvanced aliens on a research mission they will not fully disclose. A year after the death of a young boy at the hands of an Ynaa, three families find themselves at the center of the inevitable conflict, witnesses and victims to events that will touch everyone and teach a terrible lesson. From $8.69 SHOP NOW

Grandmothering: The Secrets to Making a Difference While Having the Time of Your Life by Linda Eyre

General Nonfiction

Grandmothers make the best cookies and give the best hugs, but there's so much more to being the kind of grandmother who leaves a legacy that stands the test of time. New York Times #1 bestselling author and grandmother Linda Eyre shares her secret formula for teaching your grandchildren values, building meaningful connections with them, and giving them grit and resilience in an ever-changing world. From $11.99 SHOP NOW

Lessons in Camouflage by Martin Ott

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

Martin Ott’s first two poetry collections won the De Novo and Sandeen Prizes. In his third collection LESSONS IN CAMOUFLAGE, he continues to explore the theme of casting a light on hidden truths. The book spans his turmoil as a U.S. Army interrogator to conflicts personal in nature: divorce, death, and determination to uncover the mysteries of what makes life worth living. From $9.99 SHOP NOW

Music (and books!) to push the tides of your heart

As you may have noticed, in addition to sharing great indie books, we also like to share links to virtual literary, cultural and just-plain-fun events. We've also shared links to great music on occasion, and that's what we have for you today.

Here's a beautiful cover of Bron-Yr-Aur by guitarist Gretchen Menn. The song was originally written and performed my Jimmy Page. Yes, Page and Led Zeppelin are mainly known as rockers, but Bron-Yr-Aur is a contemplative acoustic instrumental piece, inspired by Page's time at a rustic 18th Century stone cottage in Wales owned by Robert Plant's family. Bron-Yr-Aur is Welsh for "Hills of Gold." Take a listen and transport yourself to the rolling hills of Wales for a few minutes.

”Light breaks where no sun shines; Where no sea runs, the waters of the heart push their tides.” ~Dylan Thomas

Winter Light by Martha Engber

Children and Young Adult

"The story is a ride through Class V rapids that will keep you hanging on white-knuckled till the end." -Jana McBurney-Lin. Fifteen-year-old Mary Donahue of suburban Chicago is a kid on the cusp of failure during the brutal blizzard winter of 1978-79, the end of a hard luck, hard rock era sunk in the cynical aftermath of the Vietnam War. "A teenager from the darker side of life whose struggles, resilience, and courage will be forever seared in your brain and your heart." -Joylene Nowell Butler From $2.99 SHOP NOW

Dash Diet Cookbook by Ann Claire

General Nonfiction

The Dash Diet Cookbook can help you lose those unwanted pounds by eating various healthy foods from all food groups. Following this diet, you can lower your blood pressure, lose weight and regain a good health condition. Of course, since it is a very balanced and healthy diet, it is ideal for everyone, even those who want to lose a few pounds while not suffering from high blood pressure. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson

Science Fiction and Fantasy

From award-winning author G. Willow Wilson, The Bird King is an epic journey set during the reign of the last sultan in the Iberian peninsula at the height of the Spanish Inquisition. “I loved this book so much...The Bird King is ostensibly the story of a journey, of the limits to escape―but it is also a journey into story, and faith, and refuge, the family we choose and the friends we find. It’s deeply beautiful and wondrously sad, and I can't tell if it ended too quickly or if I just needed it not to―if I just wanted to dwell in a home built out of story for a little longer yet.” -NPR From $9.99 SHOP NOW

Wrecked by Shana Vanterpool


Wrecked is the first book in the Charming Knights series by Shana Vanterpool. An exhilarating contemporary romance series set deep in the lives of Charming High’s most beloved football team. Where the limits of good and evil are pushed, desires and dreams are twisted, and readers are immersed into the lives of people who have it all. Except their freedom… From $2.99 SHOP NOW

For Love of the Dollar: A Memoir by J.M. Servin

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

For Love of the Dollar is a young writer’s tale of ambitions undermined by economic forces, racial divides and artistic hubris. Hilarious, irreverent, even cynical, Servín worked in kitchens, gas stations, golf courses, and finally, as a “manny" for a dysfunctional Connecticut family. His view of the plight of the undocumented worker confronts as much what it means to be Mexican, as it does American, laying bare a version of the American dream few have had the courage to articulate. From $10 SHOP NOW

Children's Book Week

May 3-9 is Children's Book Week, the annual celebration of children’s books and reading. Established in 1919, it is the longest-running national literacy initiative in the country.

Today, we are publishing a special edition of LitNuts, with a great selection of children's books from indie authors, just in time for Mother's Day. Enjoy!

Marty: The Completely Unexpected, Absolutely Dangerous, and Rather Fun Adventure by E.W. Choate Jr.

Children and Young Adult

"Fantastic story!! I read this story with my 8-year-old nephew, and we both really enjoyed this. Definitely a story I'd like to read to my son when he's old enough!" -Kylie, ARC Reader. The first book in the series, Marty is the classic family book that’s entertaining for all ages. Join Marty and Ruzo on an adventure that will tickle the funny bone, tug at the heartstrings and spark the imagination. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Letters From Liza by Johnette DeRose

Children and Young Adult

“Beautifully written and illustrated book. My grandchildren are enjoying Liza‘s letters very much and I appreciate all the sound information behind each story." -Amazon review. Read Letters From Liza and experience the dog’s perspective and adventures with her human siblings, Sam and Bea. "It is essential for children to understand the perspective of others, and using a sweet dog helps to teach children patience and understanding." -Amazon review From $2.99 SHOP NOW

Samba in Brazil by Paul Yanuziello

Children and Young Adult

A perfect addition to every child's library. Samba the Bernese Mountain Dog goes on a holiday in Brazil. Join in the fun, play on the beautiful beaches and find out if Samba gets to dance in the big Carnaval parade. Beautiful illustrations capture the magic that is Brazil. From $3.99 SHOP NOW