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FREE - Ice Crown by Kay L. Moody

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Talise must win a competition to save her life. Her power over the elements is unrivaled, but Aaden, a handsome and infuriating competitor, threatens her success. Torn between duty and freedom, Talise must learn that clinging to the past may destroy her future. A novella related to The Elements of Kamdaria series. Fans of epic fantasy, royalty, intrigue, and magic will love this completed YA Fantasy series. 4.2 stars, 286 ratings. FREE - SHOP NOW

FREE - Scam A-Lama Ding Dong by Jinx James

Literary Fiction and Poetry

“A rollicking romp deep inside the life of an aging Rock Star dinosaur. You'll laugh out loud.” ~Amazon review. Slide into the sleazy side of Show Biz with legendary Rock Star Marc Charles as he uncovers a sneaky mafia-like scam to con him. Marc stakes everything to outwit the crooked "pay-to-play" scammers. As the suspense builds, he must use all his cunning to beat them. But can he? It's a wild ride with a cheeky plot twist. 4.1 stars, 42 ratings. FREE - SHOP NOW

FREE - Finding Miss Giles by Philippa Jane Keyworth


Bath, 1780: Without family or fortune, Miss Araminta Giles must rely on her wit alone. But when she is hired by Mr. Derringer to be companion to his sister for the Bath Season, Ary finds herself warming to Charlotte and Mr. Derringer, and hoping for more than just a roof over her head. Will she keep going through life relying only on herself? Or is she willing to take a chance on a home, family and love? "A delightful tale about the subtle love between hero and heroine." ~Goodreads Review. 4.4 stars, 58 ratings on Goodreads. FREE - SHOP NOW

Rise to the Horizon by Hyunah Kim

Literary Fiction and Poetry

Poseidon, a show jumping horse, is injured in a fire and becomes aggressive due to trauma. A horse whisperer named Axel, with a special ability to communicate with horses, is asked to help by Poseidon's owner, Martha. Despite the vet's recommendation to euthanize the horse, Axel takes on the challenge to heal Poseidon. Can Axel save Poseidon? A heartwarming tale of the transformative bond between a man and a horse. 4.5 stars, 195 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Can't Tame a Mongoose by Stan Rose

Memoir and Creative Nonfiction

Stan Rose, Ph.D., shares stories from his life as an MIT biologist turned successful entrepreneur, illustrating the inevitable, unexpected events that impact his business and life, and strategies to increase the likelihood of overcoming unanticipated challenges and seizing emergent opportunities. "A must-read for anyone with entrepreneurial aspirations." ~Amazon Review. 4.9 stars, 38 ratings. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Camelot Resurrection by Ryan Gaskin

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Arthur Pendragon has emerged from his exile, eager to lead his people and reclaim his birthright. Before he can avenge his father, the oldest and most dangerous enemies from his past return to challenge Arthur’s claim as Uther Pendragon’s rightful heir as King of Camelot. With the help of Merlin, he will have to overcome insurmountable odds if he is to resurrect the Pendragon Dynasty. Book 3 in The Kings of Camelot series. From $2.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

FREE - Her Outlaw Highlander by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple


A Steamy Scottish Historical Romance. Anice Grant is a hard-working lass, focused on caring for her brother, yet loneliness overwhelms her. When a strange man comes to her aid and fights of a band of brigands, she learns her savior is Reardon, assigned to the Grant clan by Sir Robert the Bruce. Reardon falls hard for Anice, and she returns his affections. But the evil undersheriff is out to get Reardon, with his burgeoning loveand Anice's lifein the balance. 4.1 stars, 35 ratings on Goodreads. FREE - SHOP NOW

Wisdom from the Inner Oracle by Mohammed Ali Ejaz

General Nonfiction

Do you feel there is a greater purpose for your life and humanity? This book teaches the importance of living an ambitious and purposeful life. You will learn the importance of knowing your life purpose and taking the necessary steps towards your success; why living morally and holistically is essential for the evolution and wellbeing of humanity; and how experiencing suffering and expressing gratitude can make you strong. 4.5 stars, 30 ratings. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Ring of Fire by Matthew Balleza

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Time. Pressure. Ice-cold fear. Nashville's new hockey arena chills with bomb threats. Tom Cash, ex-sports agent turned investigator, hunts the culprit through a maze of suspects: a shady zamboni driver, a brooding Russian star, and a city simmering with hidden grudges. Can he crack the code before the arena becomes a fiery tomb? 4.0 stars, 69 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Axel's Promise by Alicia LaBatti

Science Fiction and Fantasy

When worlds collide, what would you do? Axel's Promise is an epic fantasy adventure that follows the story of Axel, an ordinary office worker who was transported to a parallel universe through his dreams. Now tasked to defend this world with brand new powers and his two female companions, Axel has to fulfill his promise, and a promise means one thousand words. From $9.99 SHOP NOW

Freebie Special Edition - All books free today!

Welcome to the LitNuts Freebie Special Edition, a selection of indie books, all 100% free today! Choose from an assortment of Literary Fiction, Children/Young Adult, General Nonfiction, and Mystery/Thriller/Crime/Horror books. 

"The best things in life are free." ~Coco Chanel

The Mazatlan Showdown by Patrick Weill

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Jeff Walker, a champion surfer haunted by the unsolved mystery of his father’s murder and his mother’s broken heart, relocates to sunny San Diego and secures a job as a beach lifeguard. When a rescue mission at sea hurls him into the sticky web of an international smuggling ring, he aids the police in their investigation, and the plot thickens when Walker discovers that the mastermind behind the criminal operation is the very killer he’s been searching for since he was a teenager! 4.2 stars 45 ratings on Goodreads. FREE - SHOP NOW

Her Target by Quinn Marlowe

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Penny Lane. My best friendand lawyer'slittle sister. Good girl of all good girls. And the girl I'd promised not to touch. Until now. Her Target is the first in the Michael and Penny duo of New York Rogues: Rossi, and promises guns, intrigue, angst, and plenty of forbidden romance mafia angst! 4.3 stars, 32 ratings on Goodreads. FREE - SHOP NOW

Build Your First Website by John Rhea

General Nonfiction

Want to fight zombies? Ever think you could enjoy learning code? Forget those insomnia cures and non-apocalypse-ending books. This one makes learning HTML & CSS fun. It has all the content and direction you need to build that first website, plus enough silly jokes and zombie slaying to keep you interested the whole time. Stop the Apocalypse today! 4.2 stars, 70 ratings. FREE - SHOP NOW

Three Shades Called Horace by Jinx James

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

"Offbeat supernatural romp...the characters were fascinating and the plot was delightfully twisted" ~Amazon 5-star review. A hilarious witch's brew conjures up famous ghosts, a witch, a psychic, a scheming media mogul, the CIA, a couple of hitmen, and a live-streaming show. Can Max help Pansy, the psychic, prevail against the dark forces of corporate greed and black magic? A romantic paranormal psychic suspense thriller that will have your heart in your mouth. "...lots of twists and awesome revenge. I loved the ending!" ~Amazon 5-star review. FREE - SHOP NOW

Reality Barks by Kit James

Literary Fiction and Poetry

“Great story for dog lovers” ~Amazon 5-star review. When a rescue dog with an extraordinary ability to read auras is adopted by two glossy metro couples, his new life turns into an adventure beyond anything he could have imagined. Now called Elliott, he adapts quickly to the strange quirks of his new life and takes the reader along for the ride with his humorous comments. When he discovers that one of his carers is secretly plotting to use him in a money-making scheme, Elliott must rely on his wits with hilarious consequences. 4.0 stars, 114 ratings. FREE - SHOP NOW

Rebel Addict: A Novel by Tom Caval

Literary Fiction and Poetry

After one of his usual blackouts, Andy wakes up alone in a bedroom, with the bed next to him in flames and a party in full swing downstairs. Scared he might be blamed for the fire, he runs away. When it seems like the danger has passed, Andy's phone starts buzzing non-stop. An unknown stalker on the other end claims they know his secret. But what secret? Andy's memory of that night is as murky as London fog. Now, Andy must find out the identity of this mystery texter before they destroy his life. FREE - SHOP NOW

Shelby's Horse-Filled Summer by Natalia Stepanova

Children and Young Adult

The perfect gift for girls age 9-12! The riders of Old Quarry Lake Farms are enjoying their summer together. Newcomer Shelby and her friends Katherine and Rose spend all of their free time hanging out at the barn and exploring the town. Shelby is taking part in her first horse camp at the farm. But Katherine and Rose have been riding horses for years—will Shelby ever be able to catch up with them? 4.9 stars, 22 ratings. FREE - SHOP NOW

Scam A-Lama Ding Dong by Jinx James

Literary Fiction and Poetry

“A rollicking romp deep inside the life of an aging Rock Star dinosaur as told directly from his lips. You'll laugh out loud at all the hi-jinx. A great read with a very subtle plot woven throughout.” ~Amazon review. Slide into the sleazy side of Show Biz with legendary Rock Star Marc Charles as he uncovers a sneaky mafia-like scam to con him. Marc stakes everything to outwit the crooked "pay-to-play" scammers. As the suspense builds, he must use all his cunning to beat them. But can he? It's a wild ride with a cheeky plot twist. 4.1 stars, 42 ratings. FREE - SHOP NOW

Matters of the Heart by Zaïnab El Meziani

Literary Fiction and Poetry

A collection of poetry about the inevitable nature of falling and all the motions that it entails; innocent longing leading to learning, but never enough to avoid falling again. This chapbook aims to be a sincere depiction of what it means to fall, with the good and the not so good, with poems being emblems for truths once lived, even if it's in imagination. FREE - SHOP NOW

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"If you own this story you get to write the ending." ~Brené Brown

A Prayer for Earthrise: Books 1-3 by Daniel Arenson

Book of the Day

They came from another galaxy. They came with one mission. To kill us all. A Prayer for Earthrise box set: Three complete science fiction novels. From the USA Today bestselling author of Starship Freedom. Some call them aliens. Others call them gods. Their tentacles grip worlds. Their malice destroys civilizations. They've crushed a million planets. And now they crave Earth. Grab this box set and delve into a universe of war, courage, and adventures among the stars. From $3.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

The Moth Saga: Books 1-3 by Daniel Arenson

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Welcome to Moth, a world torn in two. Many eras ago, the world of Moth fell still, leaving one half in perpetual daylight, the other cloaked in endless night. Torin and Bailey have spent their lives in the light, but now they're about to venture into the dark... and discover a world of danger, secrets, and wonder. A fantasy bundle from a USA Today bestselling author. 4.1 stars, 891 ratings. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Potion Voyages Mystery Book: Chance of Harmony by Jeremy Dwyer

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Uxia is a mystical martial artist and fierce warrior who travels across the world of magic oceans in pursuit of profits. She is no peacemaker: profit is her true purpose. She rolls the discovery dice in a risky ritual to reveal her next nemesis. Above all else, this warrior is a gambler. Listen to the music of Potion Voyages on SoundCloud to experience the magic. From $1.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Big Bad Boss: Moon Mad by Renee Rose and Lee Savino


An alpha must protect his pack. Weakness isn’t an option Neither is the beautiful human who turned my world upside down. But she is my obsession...I won't let her go. Mating a human would destroy everything I've fought for: My business, my pack, my family. But I can't resist this forbidden attraction. And if I don't claim her soon, I'll succumb to moon madness, a fate worse than death. Book two in the Big Bad Boss trilogy. 4.6 stars, 60 ratings. From $5.99 SHOP NOW