Today's Featured Books

A Journey of Riches: Abundant Living

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

The latest book in this fascinating series, A Journey of Riches: Abundant Living, takes you on another soul-searching voyage of discovery where various authors offer their own thoughts on the subject. “The A Journey of Riches book series is a great collection of inspiring short stories that will leave you wanting more!” -Alex Hoffmann, Network Marketing Guru From $0 SHOP NOW

Hidden Thrones by Russ Scalzo

Science Fiction and Fantasy

"Spirit-filled fiction in a political thriller, what a treat!" -David Bergsland of Reality Calling. As current as this morning's newspaper, this series will challenge the reader’s belief system, introduce him or her to the invisible world of spiritual warfare, and ensure that the reader will never look at the world in quite the same light ever again. "What a suspenseful Christian novel this is. It is very much in the category of Frank Peretti's This Present Darkness." From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Keeping Faith by N. L. Quatrano and D. K. Ludas


When Faith's frantic ex-husband shows up and her sons disappear, will she and her sisters have what it takes to get her boys back safe and sound? And will her new confidence in God provide what she needs to teach her ex that he needs to set her free - or that she can trust herself to start over and be happy? From $4.99 SHOP NOW

Broken World by Kate L. Mary

Science Fiction and Fantasy

A chilling tale with over 1,100 five-star Goodreads ratings: As a deadly virus kills everyone in its path, a woman hunts desperately for the child she gave up for adoption — and the worst nightmares are yet to come… Follow a group of survivors as they struggle to find safety in a world overtaken by the dead, fighting both man and monster along the way. Reviewers agree that the Broken World series is an “Absolutely gripping apocalyptic novel!” and “The best zombie apocalypse series!” From $0 SHOP NOW

Free online events: Spotlight on Poetry!


Free online literary events June 16 & 17:

Littorally ALIVE! Readings by poets Katherine Hagopian Berry and Meghan Sterling, presented by Littoral Books. Wednesday, June 16, 7 pm EST. 

An Afternoon with poet Suzanne Cleary: The Hudson Valley Writers Center presents an afternoon of whimsy and humor with prize-winning poet Suzanne Cleary. Thursday, June 17, 2:00 - 2:45 pm EDT.

“Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words.” ~Paul Engle

Bitter Frost Omnibus Books 1-4 (Bitter Frost Series) by Kailin Gow

Children and Young Adult

All her life, Breena had always dreamed about fairies as though she lived among them...beautiful fairies living among mortals and living in Feyland. In her dreams, he was always there - the breathtakingly handsome, but dangerous Winter Prince, Kian. This edgy tale about beautiful and dangerous fairies, based on Dutch lore, will leave you breathless. Now in development as a television series! From $4.99 SHOP NOW

Red Velvet and Anemones by M.M.Ward


"Wow! Love it...Millie shows how you can choose your path...bitter or better." -Amazon review. Betrayal always offers the choice: Bitter or Better? After her sister's death, wedding cake artist Milli Velvet Haywood left her busy life in Vegas behind in hope to find a new beginning in the small town resort community of Pagosa Cliffs, Colorado. Can she move forward and be better? Or will the bitterness of her life sour her future chances at happiness and love? From $3.99 SHOP NOW

On the Mend by Tina Gallagher


Back in college, I loved two things…Sabrina Kelly and baseball. Baseball worked out great. Sabrina, not so much. I know I broke her heart, but I’m not that guy anymore. My busted knee may keep me off the field this season, but it’s also given me the chance to get her back into my life. She’s a damn good physical therapist and if anyone can get me on my feet, it’s her. And while she’s here, I just have to convince her to give me another chance. From $2.99 SHOP NOW

Cory's Dilemma: Missing the Beat: Dangerous Music (Suspenseful Secrets Book 1) by Dan Petrosini

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

"What a roller coaster ride!" -Amazon review. His big music career break...was because of a lie. Cory struggled for years in Manhattan, but just couldn’t get a hit. It wore on him and he was desperate. Late one night at the studio, he took a chance, and it made all the difference. But was it a risk that could ruin him? As his career took off, the money, fame, and success came with a price he never imagined. His marriage was in trouble. And someone was out to destroy him. Will he lose everything? From $0 SHOP NOW

7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart: How to Live Out Your Faith and Care for the Poor by John Christopher Frame

General Nonfiction

Want to spread kindness? Feel like you should do more for the poor but aren’t sure where to start? This easy-to-read book will help you on your journey of putting your faith into action and loving others more. Captivating, this book is designed to show you how to keep your faith central in all you do. Through compelling stories and practical teaching, you’ll learn how to better love and support those in need. From $0.99 SHOP NOW


Millennial Roost by Dustin Pearson

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

What does survival mean? In Millennial Roost, life after trauma is explored though a mixture of poems and letters addressed to a mysterious Mr. Hen. Through this epistolary form, Dustin Pearson challenges the tensions between confession and artifice, and frankness and obfuscation, as well as the terrible weight of secrets. These are poems that question everything, marking a search for identity in the face of the past with close examinations of sexuality, gender, metamorphosis and honesty, as well as the capability of poetry to express this fractured odyssey. Precisely observed, funny and multi-faceted, this is an eagerly-awaited debut collection. From $9.99 SHOP NOW

Three free online literary events today and tomorrow...


Free online events June 14-15:

Fiction: Celebrate the launch of The Playwright's House, the debut novel from Dariel Suarez, education director at Grubstreet. The Playwright's House is a bighearted novel, intricately embedded in the politics and daily life of contemporary Cuba. It is also a family story of love, sibling rivalry, courage, and redemption. Monday, June 14, 7:00 pm EDT.

Poetry/Fiction: Join PRIDE at the Beach to hear five incredible LGBTQ+ writers share their work and discuss what the future of PRIDE looks like in a post-pandemic world. Tuesday, June 15, 5:00 pm PDT.

Creative Nonfiction: New York Times bestselling author David Talbot discusses By the Light of Burning Dreams: The Second American Revolution, his book about some of the most dynamic movements of the twentieth century. Tuesday, June 15, 5:00 pm PDT.

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." ~Margaret J. Wheatley

Shade of the Paraiso by Mark Salvatore

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

"​Salvatore offers the reader scrupulous detail and heartfelt colour with his story and, most importantly, truth without varnish" -Eric Kinkopf. Imagine a remote community in Paraguay, South America, where you read by candle light, draw your water from a well, cook your meals on an open fire and attend to your needs in a rickety outhouse. Mark Salvatore relates his Peace Corps experience (1989-91) in such a place beginning with his first day in the country—the day of a coup. From $2.99 SHOP NOW

Fallen Moon by Cate Cassidy


When Ember finds herself the target of a vicious attack, the three men who rescue her know there's only one way for her to survive. They must take her to a hidden realm where men growl and fur flies. Grayson, Alex, and Cody scent her and immediately know she's a wolf shifter. One brimming with untapped power. One destined to be their mate. From $4.99 SHOP NOW

The Weaver's Legacy by Olive Collins

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

1866: An infant girl disappears during the grasshopper invasion. 1937: As the dust clouds billow across the plains, her story is uncovered. "A mesmerizing story documenting the pivotal events in the American West with vivid characters and a plot that kept me guessing until the last page” -The Post. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

I Wish I Were a Cow! by Lisa Strattin

Children and Young Adult

Cassandra Bee wishes to be a cow because she thinks that being able to moo is the BEST! But the cows give her a new perspective on her ability to fly. Cassie realizes that being herself is the best of all. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Clara's Daring Debut by Kim Cleary


Clara Penrose never imagined murder would darken her society debut in Philadelphia 1884. Clues point to Clara and she turns to her best friend Roland in a high-stakes race to prove her innocence and identify the real culprit before she is arrested. Time is running out. Can they succeed and save Clara’s life and reputation? Will the friends fall in love and save her heart? From $2.99 SHOP NOW

Fractured: A Novel by Tamar Ossowski

Science Fiction and Fantasy

From the author of Left (over 25,000 copies sold), a love story for fans of Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife and Jack Finney’s Time and Again. If you had the chance to go back and fix the past, could you change the outcome and outrun your destiny? Sam is lost. Her memories have been erased and everything she thought she knew is gone. She looks at the man standing beside her at the lake’s edge, but he is focused on something poking out from the water. The man is both a stranger and strikingly familiar. She knows this man, and she has been in this exact moment—with this man, in this place, in this time—before. But this time is different. From $16.99 SHOP NOW

Feed Your Mind

Today's featured books include a couple that we are really looking forward to reading: OOF by Strobe Witherspoon got rave reviews from Kirkus and Booklife, and Eat Your Words by Isabel Chiari looks like a thoughtful mediation on self-nourishment, with a few laughs thrown in for dessert. You will also find a great thriller, a steamy romance and a collection of daily inspirations in today's featured books. 

“If you feed your mind as often as you feed your stomach, then you'll never have to worry about feeding your stomach or a roof over your head or clothes on your back.” ~Albert Einstein

OOF: An Online Outrage Fiesta for the Ages by Strobe Witherspoon

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

Award-winning novelist and cultural critic Strobe Witherspoon interrogates his own profession. It goes terribly. OOF explores the role of satire in a society lurching from one ridiculous crisis to the next, where media outlets rely on clicks to stay alive and everything is filtered through a lens of anger and misinformation. "A strikingly original book that astutely captures an era of division." -Kirkus Reviews. "Sometimes sad and sometimes hilarious, Witherspoon's timely metafictional novel explores the ways (mis)information can shape public discourse in the digital media age." –Booklife by Publishers Weekly From $0 SHOP NOW


If She Dies by Erik Therme

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Nine months ago, Tess’s five-year-old daughter was killed in a car accident. The driver, Brady Becker, was sentenced to two years in prison. Brady also has a daughter: a twelve-year-old named Eve. Tess knows this because she's been watching Eve for the last three weeks. It isn’t fair that Brady’s daughter gets to live, while Tess’s daughter does not. When Eve goes missing, all eyes turn to Tess, who doesn’t have an alibi. But Tess isn’t guilty. Or so she believes. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Healing the Hitman by Jane Fox


I never should have taken this job. When I offered to help an old friend, I knew I was on my own if things went sideways. Which, of course, they did. So I find myself bleeding out on a veterinarian’s table, relying on a complete stranger to save my life. A gorgeous, headstrong stranger. Now all that matters is keeping her safe. Because my past is coming back to haunt me, and this time she’s right in the line of fire. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Enjoy In Joy by Geeco

General Nonfiction

Enjoy In Joy: Uplifting Book of Daily Meditations empowers readers to escape humanity’s “epidemic of fear.” Enjoy In Joy shares succinct daily inspirations to help readers find ease and comfort. Created by a group of writers, each contributor is embracing long-term sobriety; they’ve shared their true-life experiences and selected the inspiring words of some of the world’s greatest thinkers in these daily meditations to inspire growth and encourage change. From $2.99 SHOP NOW 

Free online event from "Politics & Prose" on Friday, June 11


Politics & Prose, Friday, June 11, 5:00 - 6:00 pm Central Daylight Time: A free online discussion about books by bestselling authors Lisa Taddeo and Raven Leilani. In her novel, Animal, Lisa Taddeo illustrates one woman's exhilarating transformation from prey into predator. In Luster, Raven Leilani creates a portrait of a young woman trying to make sense of her life—her hunger, her anger—in a tumultuous era.

There are a limited number of free tickets to this online event. There are also tickets available in conjunction with the purchase of either book. 

"Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them." ~Margaret Atwood

The Nine by C.G. Harris

Science Fiction and Fantasy

A hell-bound action fantasy series featuring apocalyptic antics and searing humor. Gabe has carved a successful niche into his arctic afterlife, but when Judas Iscariot makes him an offer he doesn't dare refuse, Gabe must become a double agent for the most dangerous organization the world has never heard of. To make matters worse, his new partner, Alex, is a beautiful, hard-as-nails agent who wants nothing to do with him. Gabe must figure out how to work with Alex, stop a deadly pathogen from being released Topside, and do it without botching the mission or revealing his true identity. "The unique combination of Fantasy Humor and Dark Fantasy kept me intrigued and turning the pages." -Amazon review From $0 SHOP NOW